colored diamonds

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  1. Hi all,
    how do you ladies feel about black diamonds? i am considering having a right hand ring made and want something that really stands out, so was considering some kind of colored diamond. Black, Canary or something along those lines.
    Do any of you have colored diamond jewelry pieces? i'd love to see.

    Do any of you regret getting a colored diamond rather than a "clear" one?
  2. When I was married, I had a 1.3 ct. princess solitaire e-ring with a channel set band of 16 pink diamonds encircling the band. My w-ring was matching with around 22 pink diamonds on it, I loved it but traded it for the ring I have now (it is posted a few times in this forum). The ring I just got is not really "me" even though it was custom is too big and abrades my fingers on the sides.

    Long story short, I think I am going to trade it for a 2 ct natural vivid yellow pear with two white .75 ct. pear diamonds flanking it. I LOVE pink diamonds, but to get a decent size and quality one, you have to come up with major $$$$$$. Colored diamonds are much more of an investment than white diamonds as well. I am not a huge fan of black diamonds but if you like it, go for it!

    Also, if you want a yellow diamond, I would definitely suggest getting a vivid yellow or an intense yellow, as these are sooooo bright and sunny!! You will pay more for these two grades, but they are so gorgeous in comparison to the yellow and light yellow grades. Good luck!
  3. What about onyx?

    I love Heidi Klum's yellow diamond e-ring, it's so delicate and feminine.
  4. I'm not much of a fan of colored diamonds. I think they look too similar to other gemstones, and I prefer the more vibrant colors of other stones. I prefer clear diamonds for their brilliance, but when I want something colored I go for other stones. If you're looking for a nice black stone I would suggest Black Spinel.
  5. I admit I'm not very educated about jewelry or diamonds and I do have very conservative taste in general. So for me, I prefer the clearest, most colorless diamonds. For color, I like the other stones....including pearls, onyx, coral, etc.
  6. yeah, i love this too. :drool:
  7. I have seen some black diamond jewelry (little accent side stones) IRL and my honest opinion is that they look just like hematite. You can get hematite by the truckloads at flea markets. I just don't like the look.
  8. I prefer colored paper (esp if its green) to colored stones.... but seriously, if money's no object, a pink fancy cut diamond definitely!
  9. oh money is definately an object! however, we dont have children yet and we both work hard so i dont mind treating myself to a lifetime investment.
    thanks for all the advice, i will look up heidi klums ring and will defintely look deeper into Yellow diamonds,
    Thanks all!

    ps. i agree, i think i am going to give the black diamond a miss, i'm not really flashy but i still like people to think its actually a diamond! where as a black one, people wont pay it justive...

  10. I have 2 rings with pink diamonds.

    My wedding ring has a princess cut center pink diamond with about 50 surrounding white diamonds.

    My anniversary ring has 4 pink diamonds with white diamonds surrounding.

    I love pink.

    I think your idea is great.
  11. Your diamond rings sound so beautiful! I love pink too, but I've never been lucky enough to see a pink diamond. Do you have any pictures or can you direct me to a picture somewhere on the internet?
  12. I don't have pics of mine. I tried to take the pics a few times and the pics didn't show the true beauty of them.

    Here is a pic of a pink diamond:
  13. ^
    Thanks socalgem! I can see now why pink diamonds are so appealing!

    Ironically, my DH and I are starting to think about upgrading my original engagement ring. We're actually going shopping tomorrow to get ideas. I'll keep pink diamonds in mind now that I know what they are.
  14. wow, I've never seen a pink diamond in real life. Can you tell them apart from other pink gemstones??
  15. I love colored diamonds! If they are decent quality they are extremely breathtaking and depending on color, unique.