colored diamonds....HELP!

  1. Sooooooooo the big day is coming (tann ta naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...hehe)

    I know i want a pink diamond, i dont care if it is a pink diamond in the center (1 plus carat) or accent stones on the side....i just want a pink diamond :p And not a bright JLo pink...a very very veryyyy light pink!

    So i need help ladies, my bf and i are tottally not diamond savy :sad: and most of you obviously help help help!!! :confused1:

    :shrugs: What should we be looking for?

    :heart: We know the four c's and are pretty savy about that, but what about colored diamonds?

    :heart: How do we go about judging that? I know theres a difference between natural vs enhanced/lab made colors and i def want a natural....but

    :heart: how do i know im getting a fair price? What do these stones range? (again i want a very light pink, i know the more intense the color the higher the dollar amount, but what if i want a very light pink? thennnn?)

    :heart: How do i know im getting a good piece?

    :heart: What are some telltale signs?

    THANKS SO MUCH! :smile:
  2. How do retailers determine color diamond prices?

    AMGAD: Retail pricing is generally set by observing the prices of the competition, but prices depend on several factors:
    • Hue (the rarer the color, the greater the cost)
    • Richness or saturation of the color (ranging from very light to light to intense to vivid)
    • Purity of the color (whether the color is bright and clear, or clouded)
    • Availability
    How can consumers find the best price on colored diamonds?

    AMGAD: The best prices are from "direct from the mine" wholesalers, people who secure either rough stone or newly cut diamonds directly from the source. Not all wholesalers will sell to private buyers, but the ones who do can save their clients quite a bit. Below are average wholesale market prices for 1 carat natural yellow and pink fancy colored diamonds in December, 2004.

    Pink Diamonds

    • Fancy Light: $10,000-$30,000
    • Fancy: $35,000-$100,000
    • Fancy Intense: $65,000-$150,000
    • Fancy Vivid: $100,000-$250,000+

    • Remember that:
      • Clarity, color distribution and cut determine where within the range a particular yellow diamond falls
      • Diamonds less than 0.80 carat can cost 10%-20% less
      • Exceptionally well cut stones and stones with a VVS or IF clarity can cost 10%-20% more
      • Secondary colors, such as brownish yellow reduce cost
    For a more complete article:

    Fancy Color Diamonds - Color Diamond Jewelry - Pink Diamonds
  3. I hope you find a good one. MY mother-in-law has a fancy yellow diamond ring and it's stunning!
  4. WOW!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I wouldnt even have thought of half of those things!!! that helps out SO much!!! Its weird because we went to i guess this trunk show at baily brinks and biddle (yeah i cant spell sorry!)...a dealer brought a light pinkish purple diamond, oval cut, 1 carat and it was only around $7000...i was tempted but i dont really like oval cuts :sad:

    Now im thinking maybe i should have gotten it??? He was offering to take off about 15% also....but maybe because it was pinkish purple (aka maybe there was a bit of brown in it, so it was cheaper)

    does that make sense??? is that possible?

  5. thanks!! ohhh i wanted a yellow one too!! cartier has a VERY VERY cute one, but the bf doesnt like it :sad: hes like ummmm yellow? why would u want a yellow stone

    hahahaha men!

    did you find your ring!! How did you find it?? did ur bf pick it out or was it a feeling "THATS the one!"

    either way CONGRATS!!!!!
  6. ^^ Thanks!! My FH picked it out all by himself. I was completely surprised by his proposal. I always just wanted a solitaire, but he picked out a 3 stone ring that is perfect for me. And I was like, why did I ever want 1 diamond when I could have 3?
    My mother-in-law got her yellow diamond for Christmas, it was made my the same jeweler as mine was. It's a 3 stone ring also but it's princess cut and the side stones are white diamonds.
    Engagement Ring Picture 002.JPG
  7. Oooh..a pink diamond! TDF!!!! I have a pink sapphire & I love it...I have a blue diamond..set in a chanle set diamond band ..It's a pinky ring and wear it next to my wedding band....I love it and get tons of compliments on it! I bought it in St. Martin last year....Superb deal....I'm a diamond girld and love the bling..would love to see a pink diamond...
  8. Just make sure it's a NATURAL pink. It could be irradiated, which makes it the color pink. That's no good. Good luck! I have two yellow diamonds and a tri color pave ring and love my pinks and yellows! They are very special, as are you!
  9. A good site online for purchasing colored diamonds is Diamonds by Lauren. They do the whole nine too and can make your ring. I know of a few others but they aren't fullon jewelers mostly.

    Pink will cost you, but very light won't be as bad as say vivid or fancy outright. But it's going to be harder to find than most.
  10. I've never shopped on this site, but I have browsed it many times looking at all the beautiful pieces. It is I've read the reviews and it comes highly recommended. A pink diamond sounds soooo gorgeous! Good luck on your search and I hope you find what you are looking for!