colored denim on eluxury

  1. So yay, but I'd probably by the blue one first if I were to get a baggy PM at all !
  2. I still like blue best.
  3. ^^^Same here!!!
  4. The coloured denim looks delightfully 80s... every time I see one I'm reminded of one of my adorable babysitters with their rollerball lip gloss.

    However, I prefer the 60s to the 80s - probably wouldn't look great on me. The blue is tempting though...
  5. I have the baggy in blue, but I do like the khaki color.
  6. I personally LOVE the Gm in green...Friday is my shopping day...stay tuned..Have a feeling if its still in stock at my LV store...Its gonna be mine...I am usually a pink girl..but this green is wowing me!!!!
  7. I love the green!!
  8. As much as I like the colors, I just am not on board with this line. Nay for me.
  9. I got it in fuschia. i love it.
  10. I really like the green one.
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