colored contacts

  1. Hi:

    Can anyone recommend a very good brand of colored contacts...I've been wearing FreshLooks but want something that looks a bit more natural
  2. I don't want to discourage you from getting them... but...

    I wore them for a while last year and they drove me crazy! I wear contacts daily for vision purposes... and these contacts would shift in my eye, and all of a sudden... I'd start seeing things tinted in brown or green. It drove me nuts!:Push: :sad:
  3. ^ it happens to me. im on disposable contact lenses. and everytime i use a fresh set of lenses, it would shift all over my eye (and once, it went all the way in the back of my eyes - which was really scary for first timers).. and it would be a bit blurry because of the tinted lens. but after sometime it would adjust on my eyes, making it stick to where it should be. lol.
  4. Ohhh, yes! I tried using Acuvue 2 contacts in jade green, but seeing the color drove me nuts, too!
  5. I tried the enhancers at one point, with the gold flecks, EVERYONE could tell that it was fake, and it looked so digitalized, I ditched them, and I think those were either acuve or freshlooks. I now use O2 optic for my natural dark brown eyes.
  6. I also would like to try to transform my eyes.......I have brown eyes -quite light since they turn green under sunlight- but I would love to try to have green eyes or even blue eyes, just on special occasions....
    Do you know any good brands ??
  7. Natural Touch makes great real-looking contact lenses. Paris Hilton actually wears Natural Touch lenses to make her brown eyes blue. Doctors don’t like to prescribe these lenses though because they are yearly wear lenses, which could possibly lead to infections if not cleaned properly. Of course you are not supposed to wear them to bed and need to take them out nightly to clean. They just aren’t as disposable as other brands such as Freshlook, etc where you throw them out 1-2 weeks. Natural Touch lenses run about $40-$60 a single contact. They look great though. I wore them for years though and never had any problems and got tons and tons of complements on my eyes. Hardly anyone knew they were contacts. I think I might buy another pair.
  8. i have been wearing acuvue colors for more almost 4 years :smile: i tried freshlook before but they are too dry for my eyes :yucky:
    Acuvue have been working very fine compared to other colored contact i have tried :biggrin: :wlae:
  9. This might sound like a stupid question, but can you find contacts that combine any sight correction with color ??