Colored Contacts

  1. Does anyone know anything about colored contacts? I already have green eyes, but would love for them to be slightly more brighter. Are there any contacts out there that just bring out your natural color? I don't want something really bright and fake looking. I still want them to still look natural. Anyone have any experience on what brands to get?

  2. I have AcueVue 2, and I use the ones that are called "enhancers." They take your current color and change it slightly. I like them because they aren't completely obvious. My eyes are blue/green and the contacts make them more blue (I use the blue enhanced).
  3. Sounds exactly like what I want. I only want to enhance my natural color. I think I will check out the green enhancer ones! Thanks so much!
  4. Colored contacts to me seems like a popular thing of the past...I rarely see anyone with them anymore. I wear the clear ones.
  5. Ok so I looked online for the enhancers and my Base Curve is 8.6, but I see they only have 8.3 and 8.7. Why are there only those numbers? My eyes aren't meant for these or what?
  6. There's also FreshLook! Come in enhancers too, might want to check those out. I think they're by Bausch&Lomb, but I could be wrong. Just look them up by FreshLook.
  7. Freshlook has great lines to change and enhance your eye color. They turned my boring brown eyes a brighter brown, gray, green, and even hazel!
  8. I've used FreshLook for years. They enhance your eye color very nicely. I've had blue, green, grey, and aqua. They're fun!
  9. Maybe because the ones out now are so natural looking that you can't tell. Just a thought!
  10. I have been using Freshlook color blends for years.
  11. im using freshlook color blends now too! they are great! :smile:
  12. Freshlook has a collection called Dimensions that does exactly what you're looking for! It adds depth and dimension to your natural color -you should give Carribean Aqua or Sea Green a try.