colored classics with gold hardware? ISO 1 Please help!

  1. Would anyone on the forum know the colors that the classics with gold hardware came in? If so, please share (pictures would be wonderful) as I want to make a color purchase fast, before I loose my nerve and the price goes up (I can still purchase pre-price increase tomorrow). I am a basic black/ netrual kind-of girl. Please help a purse lover out. Thanks!
  2. You can just simply go to the Reference Library in Chanel Forum and see all those gorgeous Classics with gold hw.

    i think pretty much all popular colors come in gold hw, unless that particular store didn't order it
  3. Hello again.

    I am looking for colors that are current (i.e.: the last 2 seasons). I have drooled over the colors in the reference library :drool:, only to find out that they were seasons ago:hysteric:.

    All the SAs I talked with all tell me the same thing: Silver hardware is "IN" right now, so that is what the buyers ordered. I do not care for the caviar, only the lambskin or patent leather, so that really limits me.

    I just want to know if anything was available in red, brown, off-white or navy in lambskin/ patent leather or if it is just a fruitless search.