Colored Bags vs. Black/Brown

  1. Do you buy colored bags because they are unique and different than everyone else so your handbag really stands out or do you stick to neutral colors like black, browns, mahoganys, white, etc. because they match more things? I love the look of colored bags because they look like they really stand out, but at the same time, a brightly colored bag doesn't match everything.
  2. I love coloured bags, black and brown are awsome too but not more than 2 or 3....... who wants to buy a no impact bag (or anything else) if you are paying thousands?
  3. Right but it just seems that a color like bright yellow or teal would be a little too extreme... I guess I'm afraid that bags that are brightly colored look fake like to me. Some of you may understand what I mean by fake like. Its hard to explain. Hmm its kind of like if you see someone wearing a hot pink fur. I automatically assume its not real fur even though it may be. (not sure if that was a good example)
  4. I know what you mean about colour, I love anything in green but if it has a yellow base then IMO it looks cheaper for some reason.

    I agree bright pink / bright colours with a flouresecent base does scream fake and cheap.

    You have to choose very very carefully then, I have though seen some Bubblegum pink and bright yellow Chanel flaps that were just gorgeous.
  5. I love and use many colored bags because I wear mostly neutral clothes...I like my bag to be a pop of color in an otherwise sedate outfit! I understand what you mean about color running the risk of looking fake, you just have to be careful and pick nice leather...I have a pink (Berry) MJ, Bordeaux Balenciaga, orange BV, yellow Lockheart, and blue Rebecca Minkoff and none of the colors look cheap, KWIM?:love:
  6. My collection consists of different colors. I didn't mind because since they were colorered I did not use them as much and they stayed in great condition longer. But that was when I was spending about $200 for each bag. I've since purchased pricier bags and am thinking maybe its better to pick a classic bag such as brown/black since they cost more?
  7. Although I have a variety of colors and neutrals, I wish I had more colored bags to add "pop" to outfits.
  8. I love coloured bags. they're fun, add a pop of colour to your outfits and are not the same ol boring balck and brown. Of course every girl needs a classic black and brown bag as well, but I gravitate towards colour.
  9. I don't discriminate again color. I love all bags for their own style and personality. :smile:
  10. I usually choose the bag depending on the total impression. If I like it better in brown/black, that's what I'll get. If it looks better in color, so be it.
  11. I love my black and brown bags, I use them the most but I also do have some colored ones.
  12. I love all your colors! :drool: I wear mostly black/gray and denim so I like colored handbags a lot
  13. I am currently on a kick where all I want is blue blue blue! haha Even though it may be a faux pas I wear whatever bag 'talks' to me that day...regardless of what I'm wearing. The only times I really pay attention and compare and contrast is when I'm on date night w/ Hubby.

    I think if you like the big yellow, orange, or green bag enough to spend money on it then, by all means, wear it!!
  14. I love color. I tend to carry red, navy, grey and light blue bags. I just purchased a green RM MA bag. I tend to shy away from black or brown bags, although I love my Chloe Bay bag in black, although I'd prefer this bag in the grey color available in this season.
  15. I try to have a good balance- I have a lot of brown/ black bags but I also want to have colors and metallics...I guess I just want em al lol!