Colored acrylics

  1. hey girls! i am getting my nails done and I need advice on what color acrylic to get on my tips? I have had every color before but I am going to vegas in 2 weeks and i want them to look hot! maybe even fades? help!
  2. LOL I'm into more of the natural look, so I won't be much help! :smile:

    Have fun in Vegas, though!! :smile:
  3. I think the french manicure is the best look!
  4. what i always do is get a french manicure and then add like a hott pink line under it or something.. so its not too much but its not boring either :yes:
  5. good idea! tnx!
  6. I like black tips (very chanel haha) or hot pink tips i've seen a lot of girls with tips like that and they don't look weirdo it looks very girly and cute!
  7. I think a french manicure is sexiest. A light pink would probably be nice too. I would want nails that overpower my clothes!
  8. I just got my acrylics put back on after months of letting my nails grow out. I got the french manicure but with the pearl tips instead of the white and they are beautiful. It adds a little something without being too overbearing.
  9. I second heatherhoneyb's idea. Get the pearly white instead of plain white. It looks awful cute! Or maybe one of those pearly colours that change with the lighting.. like Sally Hansen's Opal line. Those are different and understated as well.
  10. i love french tips that have an angle to them like a point ^, with a rhinestone at the point.