Colorcoded leather cadena for birkin?

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  1. I dont know where else to post this but i need an answer... :s

    I am very confused by what I saw earlier today...

    Spotted a 35cm birkin in VERT ANIS leather with a colorcoded cadena (lock with vert anis leather wrapped around)

    It was a very young gal carrying this bag - deep inside, I was questioning the authenticity of this bag, just because of the lock.... (i was a distance away so I cant see details clearly) - i can only say the birkin was rather floopy)

    I have read before that it is possible to request for color coded cadenas - but what are the actual odds that one will get a regular leather birkin with matching wrapped lock (aside from the lighter leathers which i know come with matching leather locks)?

    Would love to hear what you gals think abt this - TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I've only ever seen the covered locks on exotics....:shrugs:
  3. Me too, and only on white or very pale colours.

    Vert anis .... very unlikely.

    But if the lady is a VVIP, and had asked Paris to make it for her, it's possible Paris could have made it.

    Or maybe the bag is not Hermes but Kwanpen? :idea:
  4. I've seen white non-exotic bags with leather covered cadenas.
  5. thanks for all the replies. :biggrin:

    mrs s, you mirror my thoughts exactly.... (i was hoping you wld reply cos you are the expert where we reside so you are better informed as compared to me ;))

    i must say that the colorcoded cadena does make the entire birkin look good (she hung the cadena on her turnlock) - it looked much more unique & special compared to the regular metal cadena....

    now if only i was a VVIP.... hahahahaha :shame:
  6. i just got my first birkin today in the rose dragee color in 30 cm. I was wondering about the matching color locks too but was too excited to see one available on the spot and forgot to ask the SA about it!

    So from what i gather reading the posts here, is that a new thing that they are doing for white and light colored bags -to get matching colored locks? I hope somebody can help me out with this info.

    I am such a newbie and need all your feedback :smile: another newbie question: hehe :smile: do people actually use the locks on their birkins when they use it daily on the actual loopholes? i'm just wondering since it seems to be a big hassle to keep unlocking the lock when you need to get something from your purse...........
  7. ^^^ Most just hang it from the handles on the leather loop
  8. thanks mooks for the reply :smile: I have an obsession with the locks right now and bought me a couple and finding places where to put it , hehehe

    anybody have pics of locks in the leather loops? am just curious to see what it looks like :smile:
  9. hunnyhearty, congrats on your rose dragee birkin! :biggrin:

    Does rose dragee comes with colorcoded leather cadena - hve not noticed it on this color... so far i only noticed it on exotic leathers, white leather & parchemin...

    & as for how you can hang your cadena - here is a pic i have (i think it was provided by tokyogirl earlier) - in one of the shots, it shows the lock hung from the clodette. HTH! :biggrin:

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  10. Man, I love that birkin!!!!^^
  11. ^^^^ RBB, ITA!
    (what are the specs I wonder? sorry off topic)
  12. I have always wanted a leather covered lock birkin... it would be great if they made leather covered birkins for reg calf bags
  13. :yes:

  14. I am there with you sista!:yahoo: It's soooooo pretty!