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  1. What do you think of the Colorado Handbag? Does anyone own one? Do you have a pic?

  2. It's very casual, but it seems to hold quite a bit for a shoulder bag. BTW, the strap is adjustable underneath the flap.
  3. In the past, there have been several various sizes of this style on Bluefly.
  4. A bit off the topic, I associate this bag with airports; its pretty much sold in all of the major H dutyfree...
  5. I keep trying to buy one and putting it back because I HATE the way they used the underside (suede) of the otherwise lovely VL leather on the second flap.
    The style is cute to me, and I like shoulder bags, but I just can't bring myself to buy this bag.
  6. Is this the one you're talking about? I got her 2 years ago and had only used once, so shameful. I have to say the buckle is PITA (in my own opinion) but it would be a nice casual shoulder bag.

    Tokyo Girl - I have the same feeling too (associated this bag with airport duty free). :graucho:
  7. It looks like a cute little bag. But I like a bag that you can cram a lot into, so it would be too small for me.
  8. Never saw this bag before. It is cute. Nothing that wows me, but it is cute!
  9. There's one on eBay right now.
  10. It´s supercute! I could easily wear this if I didn´t have so much to carry.
  11. The color/leather combo is lovely!
  12. I saw one at the semi-annual sale event at BH in ebene. It was a medium size. I love the dark brown color of the toile and ebene color of the Vache liegee.. not to mention the palladium hardware design. The underside suede flap actually reminds me the body of a beautiful horse and the upper flap reminds me of the horse's saddle. I bought the last piece in this color and size. The straps are not only adjustable but as well as removable turning your bag into a very chic clutch. One can use it also as a toiletries case. I think it is a nice looking shoulder bag which can double as a camera bag too. The metal hardware is removable too in case you need to polish it.
  13. i love it!!!!!!!!!! it's like a date bag!
  14. hermescolorado, welcome to the forums!! just as a reminder though, no selling/trading on the TPF unless in the designated forum

    (kind of like smoking!)
  15. Huh? Have you been smoking? and if so may I ask what?:confused1:
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