Colorado Outlets

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  1. Anyone know what's in the Colorado Coach outlets these days??
  2. They were putting out a new floorset today/tonight I believe. Might want to pop into one this weekend. Which one do you goto?
  3. WOO HOO that's exciting! It seems like whenever I have time to go to the outlet they're getting new things; which is awesome! I typically go to the Loveland outlet; I've been to Silverthorne as well though.
  4. Well I went to the Loveland outlet today... I'll try to remember as much as I can:

    - soho signature with braided handles (pink, blue, etc)
    - heritage stripe (green, geranium, brown, pink, white)
    - lots of leather and sig lunch totes
    - some new cranberry/forest green/tan/navy? items
    - elephant, blue fish, lion, turtle, snail keyfobs
    - some new signature stuff (maybe factory exclusives, i didnt look) with various leather trim colors... kinda cute!
    - turnlock trifold wallets (teal, black, brown)
    - white optic med and large carlys
    - lots of madelines
    - sig stripe pink and gold tote and shoulder bag with flowers
    - gold flower wallets
    - tons of black and khaki/brown sig wristlets

    I can't remember what else... some stuff I didn't recognize and I didn't really look at prices.
  5. Woo Hoo thanks for the info. I was going to hit Castlerock today but I got sidetracked in the Cherry Creek Boutique instead.

    If you are ever at the outlets and see *any* legacy leather items (Gigi, Luci, shoulder bags, shoulder flaps, etc) do please let me know.

    Is there anything you are looking for that I can keep my eyes peeled for?
  6. Ummmmmmmm there was a white luci (I think ???) and a slim thompson bag in a tan color I think???? Loveland doesn't usually get much legacy stuff but I'll always try to remember to tell you if I see any (and don't buy it ;) ) lol!

    I'm not looking for anything in particular... a gigi maybe but I'm not sure I want to spend the $$$.
  7. Talked to LL SA yesterday. She was calling on specific items I was interested in but here is what they have:
    Denim Lily
    Whiskey Gigi - shes $375 after all discounts
    White Francine
  8. Hey ladies... the Loveland outlet isn't far from Longmont, right?
  9. It's not far at all from longmont, I think about 15 miles.
    Just take I-25 North to exit 257B.
  10. My Loveland SA just called me.

    They just unboxed a bunch of Legacy Leighs (11128) and Legacy Shoulder bags (11127).

    In the Leigh they have black ones and camel ones and the shoulder bag they have only camel.

    Retail on the Leigh is $658 (outlet price $167)
    Retail on the Shoulder is $448 (outlet price $127)
  11. Wha?! Those are fabulous prices! :wtf:
  12. Hi Colorado ladies. There is a walnut Luci at the Loveland outlet. I was there when they closed tonight so if you want one, call when they open and go snatch it up!!! Good Luck.
  13. lol selketkrb between the two of us we've been at the outlets SO much lately; I have to go again today lol!
  14. I may see you ladies there starting at the end of the year :smile:
  15. Woo hoo coachfreak!