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  1. Hey girls,
    Can any of you define me the name of this color please?

    I was in the celine store in geneva the other day and saw a beautiful bag that was immediately sold out, and the SA told me it was called "beige" but Ive never heard of that name, just like Tan, Souris, or Taupe.

    Thank you in Advance!!!!!
    Bildschirmfoto 2012-10-05 um 17.32.26.png
  2. Camel?
  3. Pretty hard to judge with the very little lighting but looking at the darkened handles it might be Light Khaki from Summer 2012?
    phantom+lt+khaki+small.jpg 538363_413010075380895_468610664_n.jpg icelbg00101-a.jpg
  4. I'm pretty sure that it is praline from last winter.