Color Woes

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  1. I love love love the prefall lineup with all the fab-o colors all of which are to-die-for! The purples, greens, blues, reds, orange (persimmon) are just so wonderful...

    But can I just share that despite my loves for these colors and the new bags, I'm afraid to buy a purse in anything other than black, browns, or whites?! What the heck is wrong with me? Anybody else share in my anxieties? Can someone cure me of this before the sale of these bags?
  2. I think at first it is hard to branch out into color because our bags are investments and we want to get the most use out of them. I have a black Matinee that I love but on that note I always find myself carrying my brighter colored bags. I guess I think a colored bag gives a great shot of color to even the most mundane outfit and the rich colors always cheer me up. JMHO
    Maybe try branching with a neutral color first like a gray or sand and then go from there?
  3. I hear you...all i ever do is buy black bags. I did venture out into the colour world and buy a RM wine matinee but i dont have that yet. I find red bags are pretty neutral as i wear alot of denim and black.

    I cant even get myself to buy a white or brown bag!!!

    I keep eyeing all the gorgeous RM colours and my goal IS to buy a coloured bag from the new collection. Next dilemma will be with all the new colours coming out which colour??

    Perhaps someone with lots of coloured bags can tell us which colour they get the most use of (aside from black)
  4. ^^ check out the pics of your collection sticky. There are tons of great pics from our boardies showing their bags and comparison shots:tup:.
  5. I wear a lot of black...and will usually carry a crazy color bag with the black outfit to give it something extra.

    Then when I do have bright colored color clothes on...I wear the black bag to tone it down.

    Then there is always exceptions...certain outfits that just look like they were made to be with a certain bag.

    Anyway, no reason to be "matchy matchy" 110% of the time.

    If your collection is just beginning, sometimes it is good to START with black...but if you are buying many bags a year, by all means branch out. You will fall in love with some of these colors.
  6. I totally agree with Fendi. When wearing black or denim you need a "pop" of color. ( Can you tell I watch TLC's What not to Wear?)Just as with shoes, once you venture into color, there is no going back. I once thought long and hard about buying a lavendar pair of sandals. I was really surprised by how often I wore them and how many outfits they went with. I am now looking for the just right red bag. Today I am carrying a navy bag while it's okay, a nice bright, true RED would be better!!
  7. I'm the opposite! I have a rainbow of colors and only one black bag.. well actually I have two now. I really enjoy have a variety of colors- it's fun to have a bag that makes a statement you know? The only color I don't have is White!! I refuse to get a white bag because I'm afraid I'll ruin it. I also wear a lot of blue jeans and I'm scared of "the rub off". I know any white bag I buy will eventually be blue in no time!!

    Sorry to go off topic. Get color- go crazy!! It's really fun and you'll never look back! Promise.
  8. I was exactly the same way when I started buying pricier bags. Whenever I was looking to buy a bag, my eye always came back to black and brown(same with shoes). It took me a while to break out of that state of mind, which I did with the Tangy MAM and the Ocean Nikki.

  9. How's the Tangy MAM? Do you like it?
  10. LOVE IT! I can't see myself ever getting rid of it - and the color is super versatile!
  11. I totally agree:tup:
  12. Like you, I pretty much stick with the basics - black, brown, white, and tan. Although they are all beautiful bags and practical, I was very excited when I got a blue stonewash Nikki. I know it's not a crazy color, but it's my first step into buying other colors. I love it!!!

    If you want to go slowly in trying out colors, I'd recommend starting with a blue or wine since you should get a lot of use from those colors. If that works for you, then you can always take more risks later with brighter colors.
  13. Wow I'm the opposite, and the same as littlerock. I WISH I bought more black/brown bags, but I can't get enough of the color! I have one brown bag that was a gift, and one black bag on the way (although it's black w/blue stamp MAB).

    I think you should just GO FOR IT! Wear a crazy color around for a week and decide if you like it. If you don't, sell it, and keep experimenting!!! :smile:
  14. I'm glad you love your bag....
    I am still debating between that and the Fuschia/gold bottom...and can't seem to decide.
  15. Definitely consider a brightly colored RM bag! It would add a beautiful pop of color to your outfit! Also, RM's colors are soo beautiful! You can't go wrong!