Color wise,would you get a 05 turquoise or a french blue?

  1. :confused1:
  2. BOTH!!! They are both on my wish list!!! :girlsigh:
  3. 05 turq for sure!
  4. 05 Turquoise
  5. french blue
  6. Turquoise!
  7. 05 Turquoise, but French Blue is also a beautiful color!!
  8. I think turquoise.
  9. 05 turquoise for sure. pretty color and the leather on 05 is TDF.
  10. FB for me. Having owned and sold a turq 05, it just didn't do it for me like everyone else. FB seems more wearable and packs a better color statement for me personally. But I do long for a mint turq coin purse!
  11. 05 Turquoise!
  12. 05 Turguoise gets my vote.
  13. turquoise for me!
  14. Depends if you prefer upfront brightness or saturated brightness. I feel that the French Blue punches color upfront whereas the '05 Turquoise takes the color deeper and drawls in the brightness.
  15. 05 turquoise