Color wearing- a lot sooner than expected.

  1. After owning my Ebano Ball bag for less than a month, carrying it only sporadically and babying it at all times the color wore off of the piping at the bottom corners. I know that some people don't mind the aged, lived in look but I don't think it should happen quite so soon and with almost white glove treatment.
    Anyway, it was repaired with leather dye but I regretfully retired it for special occasion use and went back to beating up my old iron-sides Coach that I swear could slog through mud puddles and never look used. I guess there is a price to pay for such soft leather. I think the woven part would have held up better on it's own like on the Sloane seamless bottom but the piping sticks out just enough to take the brunt of the friction and wear.
  2. oh, im sorry bagpusss. it does seem a bit quick to start ageing like that. im new to BV, so i havent got any answers for you, especially as ive necer even seen a ball bag IRL. im sure some of the BV experts will be able to advise you.
  3. I haven't had that happen, so I have no advice. I'm so disappointed for you. My bags don't include a ball bag but I have a Campana, the bag in my avatar, and a couple in Cervo (which would wear better I guess).
  4. Sorry to hear about your frustrations...I wish I could give you some advice. Try and enjoy the bag is all I can say!
  5. Thanks for the support, it was frustrating but not a heartbreak. I just need to find something other than the Ball for everyday wear and tear. I just wanted the rest of you to have a heads up that the color can be fragile. I actually did the dye myself and you can't see the repair. But then I am from an era where we polished our shoes once a week too.:p
  6. FYI, my mother saw wear on her ball bag in the same location after about 4-6months, but she doesn't baby her bag.
  7. Sorry to hear! I would've taken it by BV to have them take a look since you were treating it with such care -- kind of "early" for it to show such signs of wear? Just my humble opinion because you never know with these things. I know BV customer service is outstanding.

    OT - your avatar kitty is adorable!
  8. I had the same problem with my Woven Tote in Magnolia...I only wore her a few times and really babied her...never putting her down on the ground or anything and the corners show some slight wear:sad: I was really bummed as I wanted this bag to stay perfect!!
  9. Oh dear...

    Sorry to hear that about your bags, Bagpuss and hgbags :sad: My Veneta isn't quite my everyday bag, so I haven't had that experience yet...
  10. I am so sorry to hear this! I've had my ball since this fall and use it on and off with my other bags - it usually goes a few weeks in rotation and then back to it's dust bag. While I haven't noticed any wearing yet I'll be on the look out for it!

    Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Sorry to hear about that too. Like what myindulgence mentioned, do bring it back to the boutique to have it taken care.
  12. i just wanna say that the color wearing happened to my parma ball bag also. :crybaby: i carefully used it and today was the third time i used it since i purchased it 2 weeks ago.. the wearing mainly happens on the back which near my clothes.. i'm so unhappy now.. i wanna use it as an everyday bag but now seems i have to find another one..
  13. I have my ebano ball bag since last fall and use it pretty often and the piping does show a bit sign of wear. I don't mind it that much because it isn't that bad but I think it's because it's lambskin and this is very delicate. All lambskin bags I own are really fragile and the BV is the one who can take more than e.g. my chanel classic flap.
    But I'm sure that it won't get any worse even if you use her as your daily bag. At least it didn't happen on mine.
  14. Is it only some specific colors will have the wearing problem? :confused1:
  15. i don't see it as having anything to do with the color (although i expect wear as described here will probably be more prominent on darker colors), but because of the shape. the ball being more structured than say the veneta has the pointy bottom corners and piping (which neither the veneta nor the sloane have), which contribute to rubbing and wear. i have never experienced this problem with any of my venetas or other bv bags.