Color variations in the beige canvas?

  1. Hi I got a Gucci bag (maybe from a collection a year or two ago)

    Anyways, I took this bag to Neiman Marcus and noticed that the brown Gucci Canvas on their bags were lighter than mine.Theirs were beigish brown while mine was a noticibly darker beige. Does the Gucci brown canvas have slight variations (dark brown, medium brown, light brown etc) or has it always been consistently the same?
  2. Here is a photo of the one I it darker than it should be? (the canvas)
  3. There are basically two types of monogram fabric, the lighter one Gucci called it sand/ebony and the darker one beige/ebony. If the monogram fabric is darker than anything you see at the boutique/NM, I'd question if it's authentic.

    The bag shape doesn't look right on this one (maybe it's the shooting angle?). I'd suggest you to post more pics on Authenticate This Gucci thread for an opinion.