color transfer

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    finally i made myself familiar with my 'new' Christine:smile:
    it is made from togo and in the beautiful sable color(vanilla)
    my only problem is i got color transferred from my black jeans!!!!!
    it seems like i can wash it off with a damp clothes but is there any solution to stop color-transfer except never wear by hot jeans again:graucho:
    do you ladies have any suggestion???
  2. Oh mannn,,...... sorry to hear that. I'm of no help.
  3. Hmmm I wonder if there is some product you could wash your jeans with to seal in the color and stop the dye from coming out? :shrugs:
  4. I was thinking about that too...

    That's why yesterday I opt for pants instead of jeans... I'm just scared that the jeans dye will transfer to my orange birkin.

    Maybe you could bring your bag to the store for a spa?
  5. I know there is something call "dye fix" you can buy from the crafts store but I am not sure if it will help. you just put it in water and soak your jeans in it.

    I am sure your jeans must have been dye fixed before from the manufacture but there will always be some color transfer until the dye washes out.

    I will skip the dark color jeans when I wear my gold birkin also.
  6. hmmm,i see....
    i thought maybe there is a spray or cream which i could use on the BAG???!!!
    am i wrong????:crybaby:
  7. OMG this is awful! I would get the bag to Hermes ASAP to see if they can reverse the damage..

    I don't know about the jeans bit. I know that SEVEN jeans seem to leak tint no matter how old they are. I have a pair that are 4 years old and washed a minimum of 3 times a week and still transfer dye to seats and stuff around them. They have wrecked several sneakers...
  8. Gazoo, Same experience with SEVEN jeans...they can transfer color even after a few years of wash/wear...

    MM, I had color transfer problems with several Chloe bags in my "past" bag-life. I was able to remove most of the color from one with a leather cleaner (but not recommended for use as there is risk involved)...a second had to be re-dyed (improved, but did not completely reverse the condition)...

    I am now color transfer paranoid...I wear denim freqently and am still unsure as to whether I can risk light colored H bags (or even gold)...
  9. thanks everyone!
    my jeans is j.brand and black.....great model but probably i will only wear with my brown HAC.
    actually as i got home and saw 'the damage' i took a white towel and clean it of with hot damp cloths but this is not my dream-solution for every day:crybaby:
    from now i will only wear....nothing except a H-bag and a scarf:graucho:
  10. Let us know when you need assistance posting bail...
  11. Yes SEVENs are OUT of my closet now.
    But realistically I love jeans and this is one of my reasons for collecting all black bags. My SA is going nuts as every wish is for black this or black that.

    Habitual jeans have not transferred on anything.....

    Chanel lambskin in any color but black is like a sponge and I ruined two chanel bags like this. Right now I only have black Box leather and black Togo leather bags and they are fabulous for not having to worry about this.

    My advice is get a Black Togo/Clemence bag and wear this when wearing these leaky jeans.