Color Transfer??

  1. Hi Gucci Girls :P
    I wore my new pelham bag (beige with ivory trimming) to school today with a new pair of dark jeans. It seems that the color of my jeans has transferred onto a small part of the canvas. Is this normal?? I was so sad to see it since its the first time I carry it....any suggestions on how to prevent color transfer?
  2. oh my gosh! I would be devastated! I'm sorry I have no advice. I have the same bag and I'll make sure I won't wear dark new jeans with it..
  3. OMG thats horrible ... try calling the store and ask if they can do anything for the bag ... best of luck
  4. You can try using a damp warm cloth to gently rub it out...
  5. i had a similar situation with my gucci wristlet/clutch... but i was wearing light colored jeans..but i guess the friction from walking with the wristlet hanging rubbed off.

    what i used was wet lysol..and i gently smudged the affected areas...after it dried.. the entire stains were gone.. almost like new...but be careful with the pressure you applu.. cuz it will ruin the fabric and friction will make it loose.