Color Transfer

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  1. Has anyone experienced color transfer on the new rose florentin?
  2. No - but it's light - so I imagine it will be unbelievably easy to stain.
  3. Ever since these new Vernis colors premiered I have been holding my breath for the first thread.
  4. It's so pretty but I'm too scared!
  5. ME TOO! I will not buy a light vernis because of the color transfer issue. I have told this to my favorite sales associate a few times and he has not mentioned any additional ways LV has tried to prevent this from happening on their newer items. You would think with all the problems they have had with it they would try to fix the issue for their customers.
  6. I really want either an alma or a brea in rose florentine...
  7. No, don't have one, but I can imagine that color transfer is easy due to its light color...The same thing happened to me years ago with the back of my beige Antigua Besace. I immediately took it back and got the dark brown color...

    Happy Shopping!!