Color Transfer

  1. I purchased the Eden Tote a few months ago & as much as I try so hard to avoid color transfer.. I still come home & find blue marks on my purse.! :sad:

    I like wearing dark jeans & the way the Eden Tote is made, I can't help but have it brush on my thighs/legs.. putting it at huge risk of color transfer! :tdown:

    I have experimented w/ my Neutrogena Eye Make-Up Remover on a cotton ball & it actually takes a majority of it out. I know the back of the Burberry cards suggest water & soap. But I was wondering if any of you know a more, hm professional?, way to remove color transfer.. & perhaps something that prevents it? :confused1:

    T.I.A. :heart:
  2. sorry, i don't have any solutions for you... but i do have the same problem. the burberry sales associate told me to try using a tooth brush & soap. another associate told me to use silly putty. good luck!
  3. silly putty? never would've thought of that, heh. but worth a shot! thanks!
  4. i got my black denim jeans ink all over my chanel bag, i used baby wipes and mr. clean magic eraser on it and it took out 95% of my stains. I started off w/ baby wipes on day one, wait till dry and then did mr. clean...wait till dry and baby wipes the last day...
  5. When i get a stain i use Mr, Clean.