Color Transfer??

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  1. Was zipping through a few threads (after I got my phone call from Coach and wanted to see what everyone loved since I haven't seen any of it IRL) and saw mention of color transfer. Was curious which bags everyone thought this would be a problem with? I've had a bunch of coach bags and the only thing I've ever had problem with transfer with is the light tan suede that they've used on the bottom of a few of the totes (like last springs patchwork, and 2 scarf print totes).

    I'm sorta like the denim satchel signature speedy wannabee .. of course Coach keeps inches their pricing up ... it's a tough call between coach's wannabee speedy for 400 or the real deal for 600!

    Is anyone else really disappointed in this years straw bags? Guess I'll dig out my bumblebee straw from last year instead ... :sad:

  2. The denim signature satchel is the bag we've been discussing. If you wear anything light colored with that bag, the denim colour will transfer onto your clothing (for example, khaki's or a white or lavender or light pink t-shirt).
  3. Oh gosh thank you Sarah - hadn't occured to me I guess. I had last summers Denim Patchwork tote with no problems but then again it had a leather bottom so maybe that would make a difference? So it's a wear with denim only bag ...

    decisions decisions .. :confused1:
  4. I can't tell you how much this ticks me off! WHY would they make a bag that will transfer color? :hs: There is no way to make a denim bag that doesn't bleed color? My denim Carly doesn't transfer color. Most women wear light colors during the summer. Add to that some body heat or perspiration and you will have a mess on your hands. Maybe Coach should make special broomsticks with a hook on the end. That way we can carry our denim satchels far enough away from our clothing!!
  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! LMAO!!! "special broomsticks" :roflmfao:
  6. Somebody at Coach (textiles). . . . they've made many denim bags before, I had a very large tote and never had transfer. But this one . . . ya make broomsticks with C's on 'em!

    That really is a shame because it is a nice line of denim.
  7. I love it .. broomsticks covered in signature fabric!!
    thanks everyone for the fast answers!
  8. That whole color transfer thing is a big bummer. I hopped over to Copley after work to take a look at the new Denim stripe large tote and it is SOOOOO pretty, especially with the legacy stripe lining. And it was so light but could hold a good amount. I don't know what to do, I really wanted it!!! :confused1:
  9. [​IMG] would that be a hobo?

  10. :tup::lol::roflmfao::tup: I LOVE IT!!!!
  11. I just saw this thread right now and did not know the denim stipe satchel had any problems. Is there a card that comes with it that states that? I picked one up tonight and mine did not come with any warning.
  12. Don't worry about it. I was freaked out too after I bought the denim bag yesterday but I replaced it for other reasons today and got the wallet to match. My SA said, do not worry it is just for light colored clothing rubbing on the denim constantly not just placing a wallet in the bag. The wallet will not hurt the legacy lining or we will definitely replace both. So she got it and got her mother one, so I will chance it..I will be careful though...get the should be fine..suede does that too with new jeans...that are unwashed...I will hope that it does not transfer on that wallet. you would think they would know for sure if they sell a wristlet and wallet to match??
  13. You can get it, My SA said it would not be a problem they just have to tell you that, for light clothes or newly washed jeans, they do the same thing. But they did not have problems last year with the denim. I got it and the wallet...They stand by the product...I feel better after asking today at the store...
  14. I got it anyway and the wallet as I said. The SA did too , Not to worry...she said she never saw it before but they have to tell you to be careful...who knows...what this is about..maybe the patchwork will do it more?
  15. Thanks for answering but all I was told you cannot use signature cleaner on it although it saids you can but my SA not to. I got the zipper large wallet too. The only legacy lining it came with was in the wallet. I have the large denim Carly which I have not worn yet and I went to pick up my lindsey shoes and eye the new stuff and I thought I was home free because I did not care for the pictures but I had to pick up the denim satchel and it was over. I guess I will be taking back the denim Carly and wallet. LOL