Color transfer question?

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  1. I could not find this answered yet so I apologize if I missed it! I am looking to possibly purchase a large monogram satchel bag in grained leather. I love the light beige one but was wondering about color transfer. I've heard Saint Laurent's grained leather is really tough but is color transfer still an issue?
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi i have a similar concern as I have just bought a pearl grey satchel.
  3. I saw that color recently, I love it! When I talked to a sales associate they were talking about how durable their grained leather is, I still am concerned about color transfer with a light color....
  4. I agree, and the one in Selfridges has a mark on it for the past 1 week and they don't seem to have been able to remove it. I went in and bought the oxblood with gold HW but still have my doubts about the gold. Maybe the college satchel with dark silver HW is my way to go
  5. I just got this a couple weeks ago now, wore it every day with jeans and a dark jacket. I just noticed light color transfer on the back! I died! :faint::crybaby: I tried to clean it with leather cleaner and magic eraser, took off a lot of the color. Just very light on there. My hubby didn't notice it but I DO! So now I'm gonna be very careful with what I wear. I do love this color very much tho and the beige is lovely! You'll have to be extra careful.

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  6. Oh no! I know how that is, im super picky and always notice little things when others around me don't! I'm sure it's still beautiful though. I love that color!! Is yours the smooth leather or grained leather?
  7. The oxblood is gorgeous. Are you concerned with the gold hardware not staying gold?
  8. Also was the one at Selfridges the grained leather?
  9. I hadnt thought about that. I found the gold HW more a beacon saying look at me lol! Today i saw someone with the black/gold and i was quite shocked how after 1 month it was looking tatty.
  10. Yes its on their website still. Pale grey with silver.
  11. I know, I'm conflicted! I like the dark beige color with the gold but I think black would be better to avoid color transfer although I think I would like silver hardware with the black. Wish they made the large monogram satchel in black with silver.
  12. I did see a silver/black combo but its not in the UK unless you like crocodile print. I think in selfridges is a light beige/silver one.
  13. Where did you see the black/silver combo? I'm in the US.

  15. I think a few others like bergorfs also have it like neimans
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