color transfer question??

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  1. I have a damier speedy and I'm thinking of getting a mandarin epi agenda or a white mc agenda. Do you think the red lining will rub off on these items? I would be so stressed if it did!! I have a mono wallet and damier cosmetic bag, so I havent really noticed any color transfer. :s
  2. I would think color transfer would show up a lot on the white mc agenda. I haven't noticed anything coming off on my mono or damier accessories, but I would never put anything light colored in there. The mandarin epi might be ok, though. Isn't there vachetta trim on the mc agenda? That's what I would be worried about, not the mc canvas.
  3. it depends on the damier bag you have because my friend has a damier speedy and a beige wallet and theres never been ANY color transfer so check first with like a tissue by rubbing on the interior!
  4. You can get a pursket like many ladies here do. Or you can just make sure that your lining does not have color transfer at all.
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