Color transfer problem follow up+New little purchase

  1. Yep, today i made a trip to my local Hermes store to seek for help regards to my H belt color transfer problem.

    The SA said it was not possible to get exchange(which i already expected), what he can do is, he will send my belt to the Hermes head office in Australia to get examine and probably take some photos to send to Paris, and see if the belt is possible to be cleaned. Then hopefully by 2 weeks later, the result may be back. However he did mentioned it is not optimistic that the black marks can be cleaned. :sad:

    Me like many of you, it is too hard to go out of Hermes without anything on the hands, so i get a little thing for myself:wlae:. A Hermes perfume. I had tried it back when i bought my H belt in Goldcoast and i absolutely love it!! I love the scent, it is me, and it speak Hermes to me! I feel like i am wearing a Hermes,lol. And funny part of the day was, i went to LV after Hermes, i showed my new Hermes perfume to my LV SA and let her smelled my wrist, and then two other SAs came and joined us,lol. I think they like it too.

    Ok enough talking, Here is pictures, presenting Terre D'Hermes.:heart:


    BTW, I saw a blue color Birkin with silver hardware(i think it is 30) sitting on the display shelf, if anyone interested go and have a look before it is gone. It is Melbourne Collin St store.
  2. wow.. i hope they can do something about that

    I remembered u bought that belt not long ago...


    I love their perfumes too... i remember a few of the Hermes Stores in osaka was smelling of a particular perfume and it was devine.... I wish i had bought some when i was there...

    Blue birkin at Collins st hey.... hmmm....
  3. Hope they'll be able to fix the problem with the colour transfer. Fingers crossed for you, Duncan! Congrats on the your new fragrance! I love Terre D'Hermes and DH alternates between this and Rocabar (which btw, I find so sexy on him, lol!).

    Whoa, a Birkin on the shelf! Which blue was it? Was it Blue Jean, Brighton Blue or a really dark blue like indigo?
  4. looks like blue jean/brighton blue to me, definitely not dark blue.
  5. Just remember, there were two small size lindy as well, forgot what color were them tho....

  6. ^^Thanks for the info, Duncan! Not my personal preference for blues but it will have no problems whatsoever being snapped up, of that I'm sure;) What time were u there? They don't tend to last long on the shelf.
  7. 4pm something. I was surprise to see a birkin on the display too, it is beautiful. But my heart still have a special place for the Brown HAC 50 sitting on the other side of the store.:heart:(Baby,hang on there, papa will take you back oneday)
  8. ^^LOL! Duncan, I have a feeling that bag will be yours in no time:smile:)
  9. ooohhh, that's DH's favorite cologne! love it!
  10. I hope they can get it out.... and CONGRATS on your new scent :smile:
  11. Hopefully they will get the marks out! Congrats on the perfume!
  12. Hope they can fix it for you.