Aug 15, 2008
Hi, just ordered some protective cream to prevent caviar/calf leather from oil spills and water damage called LEATHER PRO TREATMENT, Then I ordered the Daily Cleanser. Gentle for delicate leathers. Two coats of pro treatment should protect the bag and the gentle daily cleanser for any stains. She's coming out with wipes. Phone 866-654-8816 If bag is used constantly use it about every other month.

She advised not using Baby Wipes concerned about fragrance and alcohol, etc.

Since I just stupidly purcahsed two Ferragamo Patent Leather shoes in White and I wanted to purchase THE LADY DIOR Large Bag in Black Patent. We spoke at lenght about it and I'm convinced I had better not purchase patent leather bags ... To clean patent she recommended a teaspoon of vineagar in about a cup of water ...NEVER USE SADDLE SOAP AS IT DESTROYS LEATHER!

Her Name is BARBARA, she said she's currently working on restoring a White Patent Chanel bag with every color transfer on it. I just thought I would post it here. Barbara said after restoring the bag, she's going to post it here. But since I read so many disasters with patent, I thought you might be interested. I would call her and ask for help.

I have no affliation with her .... Good Luck

Barbara at Phone: 866-654-8816


Apr 12, 2008
Hum, are you sure we can clean our bag with vineagar and water? I thinh vineagar has acid that would destroy the leather.


there is another post with cleaning patent with vineagar, it´s recent, and it helped with patent leather being sticky....... so yes it works for patent, but not direct vineagar dilute it in water....... seems an acidic medium for cleaning patent works better and helps with some rub marks, to get them out....


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
I sometimes wonder if a person is in business to sell their own products, then they will advise against using other products that aren't their brand. I have NEVER EVER had a problem using unscented baby wipes on my leather bags, and I even use them on lambskin. LMB also advises not to use alcohol to lift ink marks, and it is the only thing that worked to remove pen stains from my cream expandable flap. I'm sure it is not the remedy for all leather but it sure did work for my flap!