color transfer on vernis?

  1. I'm eyeing the Sunset Boulevard in Amarante and was wondering how you guys keep vernis from getting dirty (i.e. color transfers, etc)

    Is there anything kind of bag protecter I can use or am I SOL?
  2. I haven't had any problems eith color transfer with vernis.
  3. I keep my rouge wallet in a cloth bag in my purse always and with my marshmallow houston...ugh damn jeans. can't do anything about that, just got to be very very carefull. Oh yea when you put you wallet down on a counter make sure there is no liquids or ink on the poor poor pearl wallet:crybaby:got ink on her and she'll never be the same.
  4. Haven't encounter any problems yet...
  5. My gosh! :sad:I just bought a summit drive in perle and now i'm a little scared to use it! :sweatdrop:It's my first bag that i really got to choose (i do have a gucci abby which was a gift from one of my husband's trips and an epi saint jacques which was preowned and i only bought it coz it was really cheap:shame:smile: and after reading the posts i'm having second thoughts of returning it! Is vernis really that sensitive?:confused1:
  6. I didn't know about the possible problems with the vernis until I was paying for my Brentwood pomme. I had wanted it for so long, I only had a few seconds of indecision before I made my purchase. And (knock wood) I haven't had any problems yet. It is a beautiful bag.
  7. i have a ludlow in pomme and a rosewood in amarante...both dark colors so no color transfer issues. and yeah with the ludlow i always keep it in its dustbag or in a pocket when it's inside my purse.

    i think with the lighter colors you just have to be careful, don't set it down near magazines or newspaper, or any kind of printed paper. also have to be careful when using it with dark clothes---dye may rub off.

    so yeah, with the lighter vernis colors (e.g. perle), the only main issue is color transfer, which is permanent and cannot be removed. scuffs are much easier to take out (can use magic eraser or non-acetone nail polish remover). scratches aren't a big issue either as it's fairly resistant to that.
  8. I have a Rosewood in pearl, when I bought it they just warned me not to put it against magazines, newspapers, print etc as it can transfer and there is nothing they can do about that. Got mine in July and no problems so far!!!
  9. I have an amarante houston and I have not had any color transfer problems. Transfer problem happen with the lighter colors more than the darker ones.
  10. Thanks so much! That'd be very helpful :flowers: