Color transfer on Saffiano leather

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  1. Hi Prada experts,

    I did a search about color transfer on saffiano leather and found nothing so I thought i post the question here.

    I am thinking of getting the prada saffiano continental wallet in cream white but I am worried about getting color transfer from jeans and so on.

    Is it possible to get color transfer on saffiano?

  2. Good question...I have a black saffiano wallet and use it ALL the time and it still looks like new...I'm not sure how cream would hold up....others will chime in I'm sure..
  3. i have a red saffiano wallet... sometimes i put it at my pants back pocket. After a while i realised that the corners become black color....

    my fren using also red saffiano prada wallet...after using for 1-2 yrs, it become dark red rather than the new shiny red... :smile:

    as of how to remove it.... i did not try anything except tried to cleanse it with damp cloth but failed.... :sad:
  4. I think all light color bags are subject to color transfer, no matter how careful you are.
  5. I don't think color transfer is a problem so much as the color rubbing off and getting darker from wear. Sometimes a simple wipe down with a baby wipe helps.