Color Transfer on PINK lambskin - :( :(

  1. Finally happened---after I had been so careful for so long! I wore my new black top with my pink chanel and color rubbed off all over it.

    IS there a way to clean it myself? Saddlesoap on pink leather?

    Please help ladies, its my first Chanel bag and I feel really bad about it.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope you find a solution.
  3. johnsons babywipes with extra protective strips...otherwise take it to the boutique and theyll send it off to you to be cleaned.
  4. oh so sorry..
    try the babywipe..or u can bring it to the store..i believe they will clean it for free..but it takes time
  5. they will clean it for free if it was brought to them within one year of purchase at a chanel botique i believe.

    i am soo sorry that this happened to you! :sad: I would definitely bring it to them to get cleaned though!!! i am crossing my fingers for you!!!!!!
  6. That happens to me too with jeans on my camel flap bag..:s
  7. oh no..:sad: im sorry to hear that.. perhaps the best bet is to bring it to the store to have it cleaned? I hope u manage to get rid of those transfer marks soon! :flowers:
  8. so sorry to hear :sad:
  9. yes, it hasnt been a year yet I hope they clean it for free I havent used that bag more than 5 times!
  10. Dont try to clean it urself~~ Bring to local boutique store and ask the professional to help u...hope it gets clean soon!!!