Color Transfer on Epi Ivoire?

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone here own any Ivoire bag from the Epi Line? I love the Epi Lockit and have seen the Black and Ivoire ones IRL. I was in Calgary a few days ago and the LV store there only had the one in black. I asked the SA for an Ivoire one and he told me that the Ivoire one is high maintenance, and that color transfer will happen if I am not careful. Is that true???? I need to research more before I decided if this should be my next bag:

    - Does color transfer actually happen on the Epi Ivoire?
    - How durable is the Epi line? Does it get scratched up easily?
    - What color should I get? My first choice would be Ivoire and then Black.

    Here's my current collection:
    - Mono Speedy 25
    - Mono Pochette Accessoires
    - Mono Popincourt Haut
    - Mono Pochette Wallet
    - Mat Allston
    - Mat PTI Wallet
    - Vernis Reade in Pomme

  2. I own and Epi Ivoire bag and I do think that you have to be quite careful with the color. Other than that, the epi line is very durable.

    I would pick Ivoire over black too. IMHO, If you really like the color then just get it. Dont worry too much. If you like it to begin with, you will enjoy it more in the long run. :yes:
  3. Thanks for your feedback Chico. I think the SA was trying to sell me the Black one since he didn't have the Ivoire one in stock. I have to say the Ivoire one is stunning. I wear suits most of the time to work and the Ivoire one will go very well with suits. The color will look good all year round as well.

    Any additional feedback from anyone else is welcome. Thanks.
  4. I have the ivorie bowling montaigne pm and love her! NO
    maintenance and just wipe with a baby wipe. I love the neutral color, and ivorie looks wonderful with everything.She is a beautiful color-wait for it , you won't regret it!:heart:
  5. Thanks LABAG. I think I am going to get it, just need some hand holding from people here as I worry so much about the maintenance LOL
  6. I would think it could get color azur speedy got it from my jeans on the back corners. I can't get it off. Oh kind of blends in with the azur pattern thankfully. I just know color transfer isn't always easy to get off. I couldn't get it off my white MC either.
  7. EPI = the most durable line ever. I love EPI.

    Get the Ivoire- you like it more. I don't think color transfer is as huge of an issue with EPI as with, say, vernis. I wouldn't throw it on a pile of colored clothes, but I don't think you should be insanely worried.
  8. You're welcome Matallston. Glad that the info helped. =)
  9. Hi, I have the Epi Jasmin in the ivory color and have had NO problems with color transfer issues. I use it all the time with denim jackets or jeans. It's very durable, but I do take good care of it.

    Granted I wouldn't use with any kind of denim though (I've used it with a Jcrew denim jacket numerous times and haven't had a problem).

    HTH some.
  10. Thanks everyone. I feel better now and think I will most likely get the bag in Spring. Thanks again.
  11. I'd also say get it in Ivoire. I have the Montaigne clutch and Ludlow wallet in Ivoire and I LOVE them. I find them a lot prettier than in black and have had no issues with color transfer.
  12. i agree , epi is soooooooooo durable, no color transfer at all!
  13. can one wear the ivoire colour in the winter???love the colour...