Color transfer on Dune drummed leather

  1. Hi everyone! I've been so in love with my Nano in Dune, drummed leather. The only thing is that it is prone to color transfer when I wear jeans and darker clothing. It already happened and it worries me every time I want to carry it. Do you know of any leather cleaner/treatment that can remove the color transfer and also condition the leather? Thanks in advance!
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    I use these wipes and think they’re great but I do tend to treat any transfer quickly.

    I wear black jeans all autumn and winter but I treat the jeans as opposed to the bag. I soak them in a large bowl of cold water with a small bottle of white vinegar for half hour or longer. Then I place them in the washing machine for a cold wash without detergent. This seals the colour and it works on my jeans. Also I never use heat or detergent when laundering my jeans and I get no fading or loss of elasticity.
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  3. :clap: :tup:Super helpful are so smart my sweetest BC!!!
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  4. Do you do the vinegar wash just once when the jeans are new, or periodically do it again?
  5. Apple leather conditioner is pretty good at getting color transfer off. I just put some on a rag and rub it as if I were lotioning my legs.
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  6. I do it from brand new before I ever wear them and that’s it but I have worn a pair and done it just as the first wash too.
  7. Thank you, good to know. I always sit on a towel in my car when wearing jeans that might transfer because I have beige leather-wannabe seats. I should try your method because I'm sick of the towel.
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  8. Sick of the towel :roflmfao:

    Good luck - hope it works for you
  9. I have several products I use on my Dune bag but the secret is to clean it sooner rather than later. Thank goodness the Dune leather bags are drummed and easy to address imo. I LOVE Dune btw. :heart: