Color Transfer on Azur

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  1. sorry if this is an oft repeated thread, but I am thinking about buying the damier Saleya GM tote before the price jumps, but want to know if the damier azur canvas is as durable as the monogram canvas? I only own the Mono and MC canvas and my white MC ursula had color transfer from some dark naturally I wonder if this will be the same with the lighter damier azur!
    TIA! Trish ;)
  2. There are lots of threads on this issue, just do a search. And Damier Azur is very prone to colour transfer, even on light coloured jeans that have been washed many times.
  3. thanks, I found the old threads, the search wasn't working for a while but it is now! thank you, I think I may stay away from damier azur, i wear nothing but jeans and the tote I was considering would hang on my hip so it would be rubbing constantly! I think I am sticking with the new Palermo GM!
  4. im sure a little soap and water wont hurt to get rid of the color transfer.
    or will it :confused1:
  5. Hi all!
    Just bought the Azur Speedy 30 and got thinking/WORRYING for those of you who have any Azur pieces, do they get dirty easily?
    Has anyone had issues with the jean transfer getting on your bag? YIKS?
    (and if that happens, what do you do to get it off?)

    Hope my Azur can stay nice and clean this summer!!!
  6. Congrats on your Azur Speedy 30! I love mine and the canvas itself hasnt giving me any worries, I'm just careful with the handles cause of the vachetta. As for color transfer from denim, I had my worries just like you but so fa so good no color transfer. Enjoy the Azur it's so pretty!
  7. No problems with my Azur Saleya MM
  8. Well, I get transfer easily with my Mini Lin Dune, but Azur is coated canvas so it's much easier to care for. Don't worry, just clean it periodically with alcohol-free baby wipes and keep the vachetta clean and moisturized with a leather conditioner like Apple Leather Care.
  9. Eee, I'm so excited for you and your new bag: D
    I've had my bag for about 5 months now and I always carry my speedy on my arm so it rubs against my jeans, but none of the ink on my denim rubbed up against my bag and I wear some pretty dark jeans. So I'm sure you'll be alright : D
  10. THANK YOU!!! Good to know! Yeah, I've never had that jean transfer happen to any of my handbags but I always see and hear that it happens! STRANGE!:shrugs:
  11. I know, I get so scared it'll happen to me and my bags too:Push:

  12. are you saying that you use the wipes on the canvas??
  13. Please please do not use baby wipes on your leather as they will break down the finish, they are just about the worst thing to use to clean leather.
    Use a good water based leather protector and clean on a regular basis with a water based maintenance product and this is the best way to keep your leather in good condition.
    The leather protector will help inhibit the build up of dye transfer
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    Last edited: Jun 29, 2008
    hi! i have an azur saleya mm. i did a lot of walking one day while outlet-shopping.. and to my surprise, the bottom edge had some denim transfer, about 2 inches long. to get it off i used my usual white, plastic/dustless eraser.. it took out most of the transfer, and only when you look at the bag closely would you see that there's been denim stain on it.. hope this helps :smile:
  15. my friend's azur speedy got color transfer on it, is there any way to get rid of it, or its doomed forever?