Color transfer....Olympe bags.

  1. I've read a few posts that you have to be careful about wearing dark clothing with the Ecru Olympe bags because of color transfer. Does the color transfer only happen if your clothing or bag gets wet, or does it happen just by rubbing against each other? :confused1:

    I just got my Stratus PM today and I want to make sure nothing happens to it (at least nothing that I can prevent anyway). TIA. :smile:
  2. make sure to wash your black t-shirts 100 times before you wear with your Stratus PM!!!!!

    i :crybaby:-ed about this problem the first month i got it!!!!!!

    i know it happened when i got cought in rain....but some could have happened just my t-shirts.....even though i prewashed a few times, it wasn't enough!!!!!!

    congrats on your pretty bag!!!! i think i'm carrying mine tomorrow!
  3. I would be careful with anything dark. Especially dark denim.....
  4. I have worn my stratus with darker colours --- a LOT of black and have never had any issues with colour transfer??? Congrats on your bag as it is stunning:yahoo:
  5. Hmmm since we're all talking about Olympe here...does any of you think that the leather will get dirty easily? Stained? Like, if I spill a coffee on it by that the end of it?! :wtf:
  6. ^^^^karman....I think it would be....that leather is sooooooo sensitive. You could probably treat it though, with something from 'Lovin' My Bags'!

    I also think it gets scuffed up really easy!

    And yes, color transfer from dark items can easily happen to the lighter leather. I would not wear blue jeans when wearing that bag...just in case!
  7. I have just used my stratus and not worried about it at all .. it has been placed on the floor, goes with me on walk around the park with my dog and it has held up well, I also got it wet in the rain and it was fine ....I think if you spilled coffee on it or any bag there would be a stain on it ...I have a mono vienna klara (lambskin) and that seems to be more delicate than the my stratus (maybe they changed where they sourced the lambskin when producing the olympe range). GOOD Luck on what you decide as the Olympe Bags are very beautiful:heart:
  8. I wonder if the color transfer happens more frequently with different kinds of fabric. Maybe black cotton t-shirts are more susceptible to color transfer than say a silk sweater??? I just don't know.

    BTW, does your Stratus make a lot of "squishy" noises...especially the straps? Mine does. I guess it's because of the type of leather.
  9. Maybe..I have worn it with new black cotton items and no transfer??? I don't really notice any noise as I often wear my iPod:p I think the handles will soften a tad over time.
  10. I think it's a hit or miss thing with color transfer....I've worn dark jeans and never got it. I wore semi-dark jeans and got transfer on my azur. You do have to be careful with the olympe bags. I got transfer on the back of my lambskin chanel..never could get it off. I'd just suggest being very, very careful of what you wear when you use the bag.
  11. just be very careful, and make sure you wear stuff thats been washed, and dont prolong contact with any colored substance.
  12. I guess even if the Olympe leather gets scuffed it won't be very noticeable!
  13. maybe i got a beige so it was okay. but i avoid wear jeans and dark clothing when i'm using that bag...
  14. Great thread~ very informative. I will make sure I wash my jeans prior to using my bag.:tup:
  15. Has anyone tried to pre-treat their bags with a protectant spray or something similar? I wonder if that would damage the bag.

    LV always recommends not treating any of their bags, but there have been so many posts regarding Apple Garde, Shining Monkey, etc and they seem to work. I myself have been scared to try anything for fear of ruining the bag.