Color transfer - how to prevent?

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  1. I just wore my Chanel 20c grey flap a few times...but I feel it got some color transfer on it(hard to see - it’s on the top side of the pocket), I wore it with some of my dark suits but they don’t transfer color and I’ve washed them (obviously not washed enough!). Any clue how to remove?

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  2. How to prevent: Some people have had good luck using a protective leather spray. (People on this forum and some bloggers).

    How to clean: Leather cleaner such as saphir renovateur and saphir cleaning soap, which are both used by Hermes to clean handbags sent in to the spa.

    I can’t really see any colour transfer on your bag though. Must be very mild !
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  3. Thank you! I used Cadillac cleaner but no luck. It is very mild as I used it twice (it’s on top left corner pocket.). I’m looking more for prevention tips so it doesn’t get worse (not a believer in not using my bags) haha!
  4. Just found the blogger who suggested protection tips!

    I had forgotten her name...
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  5. Spray it with collonil carbon pro (on amazon). It will prevent further color transfer. For what it's worth, I don't see a thing!
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  6. Definitely don’t see a thing!
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  7. Is it safe to spray on the bag directly?