Color Transfer HELP!


Aug 16, 2013
I have a Tory Burch Perry tote in Bark (luggage brown) color and the back of it has some color transfer : (
It is the gorgeous pebbled leather.
I am fixing to pack it up and put it away because I just bought a new summer tote and I hate to put it away looking all dirty (I don't want it to settle)
I know exactly where it came from... I have a black kimono that I wear over a t shirt to work and the color rubs off everywhere! So it is dye from a top.
ANY suggestions? I used a baby wipe gently to see what would happen and I swear some of the brown came off on the wipe so I stopped.


Mar 5, 2016
Hi! I have another thread here --

In that thread I had handle glaze from the bag handle stick and color-transfer to the bag. It was very dark red! I used white rubber eraser (the kind for school) and was able to "erase" or rub off most of the color. The photos on that thread show the remaining color left. I was able to rub off a lot of the problem...

I don't know if it will work on your bag but maybe you can give it a try? Good luck!