Color Transfer HELP!

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  1. I have a Tory Burch Perry tote in Bark color and the back of it has some color transfer : (
    It is the gorgeous pebbled leather.
    I am fixing to pack it up and put it away because I just bought a new summer tote and I hate to put it away looking all dirty (I don't want it to settle)
    I know exactly where it came from... I have a black kimono that I wear over t shirt to work and the color rubs off everywhere! So it is dye from a top.
    ANY suggestions? I used a baby wipe gently to see what would happen and I swear some of the brown came off on the wipe so I stopped.
  2. I have used a product called Leather CPR its a cleaner and conditioner, in the past I have found it at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, it worked really well on a Balenciaga bag that I got color transfer on. I would be careful using baby wipes unless they are alcohol free.
  3. I use the Cadillac Wipes - They might be cheaper at a shoe repair place.

    I have never heard of these. Going to order some to keep just in case. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Is the CPR cream in a purple tube? Do you use a white towel to apply it?

  5. It's in a bottle but yes it's purple and white and you wipe in on with a wet cloth, I use a micro fiber cloth.
  6. Got the same problem with a Furla bag of mine, I'll check this Leather CPR conditioner... thanks!

  7. thank you for the info!:smile: