color transfer? help please !

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  1. hi, i just bought a mc lodge pm in white . while i love it, i am concerned about a post i saw on here about color transfer. has this happened to anyone,how exactly did it happen,and is there anything i can do to prevent it,or fix it if it does? please help! i asm wondering if i should go and return mine for black so that i don't have to worry so much.

  2. Just don't put it against any kind of clothing that is dyed and not washed yet.
    Jeans sometimes have to be washed a few times before the dye is all washed out and doesn't rub off on things.
  3. As I understand it, color transfer occurs more on the Vernis patent leather lines. Although, someone posted very upset that she had some color transfer on her damier azure pochette. I have a white piece of MC and I am not worried about color transfer. I have not heard of anyone having color transfer on white MC. But, perhaps, others will respond. Don't freak. I bought the Lodge GM in black because I was afraid too. But, just got the Shirley in white. Love the white and am not afraid. I also am very careful with my Vernis.... good luck!
  4. I have the white mc alma and I have never had any color transfer problems. In fact, I have not babied that bag at all and it still looks great. I wouldn't trade it for the black just for that reason.
  5. Agreed. Some clothing still has dye on it when not washed or has only been washed a few times. The rubbing of the purse onto it will result in color transfer.
  6. I've only had one color transfer incident and that was with my monogram papillon. I don't think it would've happened if I hadn't left it exposed to my blue shirt for 3 weeks. I wouldn't worry; the white MC should be fine!
  7. MC is fine, no probs
  8. same here, i have no issues on my white mc alma too:yes: :love: .... but unlike on vernis, ughhh:cursing: :cursing:
  9. ok great, thanx everyone for your replies:smile: ..i feel much better now.
  10. no, i think live it like that...!! :rolleyes:
  11. Just keep it away from jeans and dark clothing ...other than that, if color transfer does occur, bring it to your store and see if they can do anything about it. Or better yet, chat with your SA about dos and don'ts.
  12. ok, so your post makes absolutely no sense, and the lovely eye roll. was that really necessary?? is this girl just being rude or what?? someone please explain,cause i don't get it.
  13. huhh? Who are you referring to, may i ask?? who's being rude?.... *confused*
  14. izabell .. her messge makes no sense to me no matter how many times i read it.
  15. I have a white MC Priscilla and I haven't had any problems with color transfer.