Color transfer between canvases

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  1. I was just wonder, let's say I have a monogram wallet rubbing against a pink cb cles, (or monogram wallet rubbing against an mc cles), is there a change of a color transfer from the monogram to the pink cb/mc piece? I'm just a bit worried to use my mono credit card holder with my pink cb port monnaie right now because I'm scared that the monogram canvas will make brown marks on my cb canvas...does anyone know if this could happen? TIA
  2. Unlikely - unless the monogram piece is dirty. On the other hand, the CBs are silk screened on so you should make sure it doesn't see a lot of wear so that those smiley faces stay on for longer ! :yes:
  3. are they known to rub off?
  4. ^ oh my thanks

    An SA at DFS galleria told me once that they were treated with some chemicals and are very durable that it wouldnt "easily" rub off. She misled me to think that it will stay there forever:sad: now i have to be extra careful with mine :sad:
  5. sometimes (ok, most of the time) we tpfers know more than the SAs...or at least hear about it first.
  6. I don't have CB or Cerises Cles, but I've used a mono wallet and mono cosmetic bag alongside a red Vernis Cles with no problems.
  7. Ok, Thanks guys! :smile:
  8. That CB purse looks like it has been abused
  9. I don't own any of those pieces, however I have seen many of those painted mono (Cerise, MC, CB, Panda) start to peel/rub off after a while. My black MC belt has worn spots where the belt meets the buckle.

    One of the reasons I may not add any of them to my collection.
    I guess the same will happen to the Groom line.

    I suppose once you take care of it and don't use it excessively then you might have a chance of the "decals" lasting longer without rubbing off.
  10. OMG!!! I HAD NO idea they would rub off like that, that pic was horrible, I would be devastated.... ick.