Color/tone question: Blueberry, cognac, chocolate...please enlighten me!

  1. Here I am again with another question.:shame: I found calling around a spy that the SA called navy/royal blue, now is there a navy spy or is she talking about blueberry (this is an authorised retailer!) To me royal is more blueberry but navy darker, so I am confused. :confused1:

    I really think about cognac but was wondering if it's more of a reddish brown or just lighter than choco?!
    Has anybody both so I could see a comparison pic ???

    And for those who know how does the choco compare to Chloé choco????

    Thanks for helping, I love to live in Provence but sometimes it's a pain not to have shops around!
  2. CC - I am sure the "royal/navy blue" is the same as Blueberry...believe it is the only blue color sold right now (ie current color)...Personally I would call it a very dark-royal -- or sort of navy with a "zing" to it....

    The chocolate is deep dark brown, like dark chocolate...the Cognac is a lighter brown and a reddish brown. I like them both a lot. The chocolate is a nice alternative to black, it is a dark color. :yes:

    I gotta pack for Fiji or I'd post pics...just packed all my Spy bags for storage so the House Sitter does not get her mits on them!...LOL!

    And a Bula Bula, Vanaka MALEUA to you! (Practicing my Fijian...):wlae:
  3. ot: have fun in fiji.... i went to the bahamas last month but didn't do any diving!!! i wish i had at least swam with the dolphins!
  4. Thanks Daloo -- OT again...have swam once with wild spinner dolphins on Kona HI--totally awesome (you should try it), but in Fiji...don't want to freak ya out...but we will be Divin with Sharks: & I mean Big ones.:wondering
    Hope I make it back in one piece.:roflmfao:
  5. Hi Honey, yes I agree, the blue they are talking about would definitely be the blueberry, close up piccie here for you :smile:


    it really does look so different in diff lights, it can look so navy that its almost black looking, and then in another light, wowser!!!! bluer than the sea lol.

    and choco, oh sigh, its even richer than the beautiful Chloe Paddy choco if this is possible. Here is a piccie of mine, oh I miss her so much still :biggrin:


    hope that helps, J x
  6. And here's a pic of the blueberry without flash. It looks like this when it is not in bright light.

  7. Thanks ladies the choco is beautiful but I really fear it might enter in competition with my Choco paddy even if I think it's stunning phhhhhh still don't know. But the blueberry is tdf as well.....!

    We'll see for now no cognac deal as far as I can see but maybe a blueberry or choco.

    Ohhhhhhh and there I was actually searching for a black bag:upsidedown::shame::upsidedown:!
  8. ^lol, that's always the case isn't it? Buy them all!!
  9. i thought i would include a photo of my blue spy so you can see what it looks during the daytime outside, in the early afternoon . it looks like dark blue with purplish undertones when it's in sunlight, and other shades of blue when it's inside with other types of light. i love the different colors the blueberry has! :p

    have you decided which color you are going for?
  10. oooh shopping247 that shows off the bag beautifully!

    I think we have swayed Cat!!!! she has ordered a blueberry :biggrin: ;)
  11. Here is a pic of a Cognac spy in natural daylight

    Fendi SPY.jpg

    I hope this helps.:smile:
  12. ^ awesome chloebabe! i didn't even see catcat's thread that she ordered it until you mentioned it. excellent!!

  13. Sorry, yes I got swayed:shame:
    ..."pure TPF subforum" pressure:p. Now I just hope all works out well and that the color matches my wardrobe. (I ve bought a lot of bags in the past that I just loved to look at but ended up wearing always the same ones).

    H-addict your cognac is TDF, I just love the casual vintage chic look.

    I will post pix as soon as it gets here....can't wait!
  14. It's good when a bag matches your wardrobe. I got my blueberry a few weeks ago and I have bought maybe about 15 new items that match it as I had nothing else... :p
  15. now thats a great idea ;) hee hee, buy new clothes too so that they match the new bag - I am liking that idea alot :biggrin: