Color theory & wardrobe planning

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  1. Are there any color experts out there? Below is a picture that represents my winter wardrobe:

    As you can see, I love every shade of burgundy. The blues are overstated, I actually have more reds. The green is probably not the best color for me, a jewel tone is better, but I love that color. The pale lavender is only one shirt.

    Anyway, I need new summer clothes. Because I look best in jewel tones, I am having a lot of trouble finding summer clothes in light colors--if the color isn't clear (ie, sorbets or pastel) I look awful.

    So, does anyone have any advice for establishing a summer palette of colors?

    Thanks much...


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  2. Doesn't it depend on your colouring? Then you go from there. Rich colours always look better on me.
  3. If you look best in jewel tones, then I would guess bright and bold spring colors instead of light ones.
  4. ^I'm the same way; I look like death in pastels. I love wearing jewel tones and bold colors...brighter purples and blues are my favorites. It definitely depends on your skin tone and hair color though.
  5. i'm a "winter" and look best in the colors you describe.. and much to my husband's dismay at times, I have never had a problem finding & buying clothing, no matter what the season :smile:
  6. Yes, I am a winter, and the rich bold colors look the best on me. I just don't like wearing the dark colors in the hot summer. Do you have any recommendations as to how I can "lighten up" my summer wardrobe?
  7. i too am completely burgundy obsessed! i really don't like colours that are too bright; i especially avoid the extremely "fluorescent" colours - i think generally a yellow undertone is the problem with colours that don't look good on me. at the same time, pastels don't look that great on me either - so no baby blue, pale pink, lavender, etc in my summer wardrobe.

    what i've found works best is the group of what i call "vivid" colours . . . basically brighter shades of the rich colours that i favour in the winter. for example, my summer wardrobe is very heavy on colours like these:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    of course, lots of neutrals like grey & taupe as well!

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  8. I actually have no idea what season I am, so I mostly wear black, grey, brown and beige... I did notice that I look good in green and blue, though... Ignorant:sos:
  9. I look terrible in pastels too. I wear a lot of the same colors as you, minus the burgandy... but in summer I switch from navy to royal or turquoise, dark purple to bright purple, etc. etc. From darker greens to lime green (the only florescent I can pull off!) But generally, I do "lighter" shades of the jewel tones.
  10. hear hear! :woohoo: turquoise is piggy's favourite summer colour!
  11. Haha I'm definitely guilty of wearing black year round. I definitely agree to just wear brighter shades of the jewel tones you wear in winter. I like wearing royal blue in summer as opposed to navy like I wear in winter, just as an example :smile: You can definitely find lighter summer colors other than pastels/fluorescents
  12. As a fellow 'winter', here's what I do:

    1. I buy bright flower-patterned garments. As long as there's flowers on it and it is made from lightweight fabric, this stuff screams 'summer' even when the colors are dark.

    2. I pair dark rich-colored tops with light-colored bottoms. Khaki skirts and pants, again, scream summer, even when paired with a burgundy short-sleeved blouse or an olive sweater.

    3. Summer-color accessories. I own a nude-colored and a white bag, and a ton of summer light-colored footwear. Nude-colored strappy sandals will 'summerize' a bunch of darker-colored stuff. So does a light-colored bag.

    4. The color of the season. This season it is blue. There's many shades of blue such as electric blue and true navy that look good on a 'winter'. Guess who's just bought a bright blue patterned blouse and blue matching cardigan to go with her white, khaki and olive-green summer pants? And so on.

    Hope this helps.

  13. p-WA, very helpful, thanks! Oddly, last summer I had 3 pairs of pants: white, khaki, and black. Couldn't find an olive that fit. I am going to take your advice and up the hunt for nude colored sandals.
  14. You could always wear neutrals in the summer, and just accent with the jewel tones. Like a chunky jewel necklace, or a silk scarf.
  15. I'm in the same boat except I need warmer colors. My DH and DD are both winters though.

    I think white and tan with jewel tones and light/bright acessories look very summer. I see a lot of navy and purple out right now which generally look good on a winter.