Color Suggestions for 1st Balenciaga

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  1. Hi, I was thinking of buying a mint green Balenciaga and then I decided that I wasnt going to pay all that money for a purse that I did not truly like. I was hoping you could share you color suggestions. The color scheme I really LOVE is apple green, and anis. I love the anis but I dont think they sell them anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions of any colors that are close to those 2?? I have called many stores and they havent been very helpful... Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure how close Vert Gazon is to Apple Green but here is a picture of a Part Time in VG with RH. Its a grass green. What style are you looking for?

  3. Maybe you'll like the yellow that's coming out this's like a saffron, mustard-yellow.

    I'm having a hard time searching for the thread with all the new colors and styles shown...maybe someone else can find it.
  4. Thanks, Im looking for the first Balenciaga. I think Id like the saffron yellow. Does anyone know when it will be available?
  5. I was in the same boat you were in. I loved AG, but irl, it was too bright for me. I bought the VG from BALNY and let me tell you, the leather and color saturation is TDF. I love it. It is actually very versatile. Cracker talked me into this one and I am so glad I listened. I'll post pics. Just a second. Good luck w/ your choice!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. BTW, if the 'mint green' you were talking about is vert d'eau, that is also one of my favorites. The leather and color on all of my s/s '07 bags is wonderful.
  8. Thanks! I think Im going 2 go with the yellow, I saw it in one of the threads and I really liked reminded me sort of of the anis.
  9. Daphne said that the new marigold is like dried mustard that you lspilled on the counter.
  10. I love that VG color. That's the one I want!!!!
  11. The vert d'eau is sooo pretty!
    I just ordered my first Bbag this week, im getting a cornflower. I waited for AGES for the colour to pop up!
    You have to wait for the colour you want!!!