color striping

  1. So i've been coloring my hair black for the past 2 years now and i haven't seen my natural hair color in about 7 years. i can see my roots growing out but is there any way to get my natural hair color back faster that wont damage my hair? i heard dish detergent works but what kind would i use. and i heard deep conditioning helps so i got one today. help!
  2. Not that I know of honey. Dish soaps aren't good for your hair, most brands have harsh degreasing chemicals to strip oils, grease and dried foods off of china, metal and glass. Imagine what it would do to your hair and scalp.

    I would do my best to just keep the hair as healthy as possible with a good moisterizing shampoo and conditioner, and let nature take it's course. Good news is I hear going from a dark dye to lighter natural hair color looks better while it's in the transforming stages... dark roots are often laughed at, while light roots tend to blend better while the dye fades away.

    Good luck!
  3. i totally soaps are definatly not good for your speedy said i would let nature take its course. you dont want to damage your hair...and stripping your hair is MEGA damaging.
  4. I am naturally a light blond. In college, I dyed my hair dark brown-ish/red. It looked terrible. So, I went to a day spa kind of place after calling around to places and had it stripped b/c my roots were growing light and it was so bad. The stripping took like 4 hours, but they used the gentlest products possible. Then, they added some color to my hair that was the closest to my natural. It was a bit dry for a while and I used pricey shampoo/conditioner to keep it strong, but I had no breakage or dry issues. However, my hair is pretty resilient. The dyed part and my natural matched and you could not tell the difference.

    PLEASE don't try to strip it yourself. It is a huge process and the lady told me that when ppl don't do it right, it can leave a huge mess.
  5. LOL! I wish I had the experience! I posted already, but I am a pale blond and went super dark/red. I looked like a reverse skunk or Cruella De Ville, but w/ the light colors on the opposite ends. Uggh. So icky!
  6. Yes, you can go to a salon like Elizat did & have them strip the color. I wouldnt do it though unless your hair is healthy. Dish soap will fade the color but it's not going to fade the dye to where you are back to your natural color.
  7. The best thing to do is get a good cut. If your hair is long I would get a nice blunt cut as short as I was willing to go. I would speak to a colorist because they can do things. I have short but very healthy hair. I always had it foil highlighted very light blond. My hair is dark brown. Well a few months ago I decided to go brown and bought a light brown color and it turned out reddish brown (golden brown)...not the look I wanted so the next day I recolored it dark brown. It was DARK. It looked OK but hubby and everyone else hated it and said I looked better blond. A few weeks ago I had it colored. My stylist put bleach on my head and had to watch it and then took it off maybe 10 minutes later. He did this three times to get where the color was darkest. Then he foil highlighted it and put a light brown toner on too. It came out nice. No damage at all.
    Then this past week I had it foil highlighted (major highlights) and he put a dark blond toner on the rest of my hair. It came out perfect---probably the best color I ever had. I am trying to let my hair grow out to a chin length blunt cut. My longest layers are in my eyes. So I do feel your hair can be made lighter but it is not something one should try at home. You need to stop trying to strip the color with dish detergent, ect....that will damage your hair.
    How long is your hair? Is it in layers or blunt cut? Would you cut it to make coloring it easier with less damage?
    I wish you the best.