Color (Shade) Comparison - vert d'eau and Pistachio

  1. to those who are wondering, here you go....
    vert & pist.JPG
  2. Pistachio looks pinkish in that picture? Is that in natural light or with flash?
  3. Thanks for the comparison pic! I tried to go see a vert d'eau city at NM but they sold out by then. These pics are helpful! :yes:
  4. Thanks for the picture! The vert d'eau is the color I am most interested in from the '07 colors, but I have yet to see it in person. I already have a pistachio, so I was wondering how different / similar they were.

    I have also posted a picture of my pistachio below. This is the best picture I have that is closest to how it looks in real life.
  5. They look more different than I would have thought.... is the vert d'eau brighter, more blue?
  6. Today i've purchase this bag for Elise because she can't find it in UK.

    It is really really a beautiful color!
    Bags 001.jpg Bags 002.jpg Bags 003.jpg Bags 004.jpg
  7. Yes, this lovely bag will soon be on it's way to me.

    l_b, thank you so much for sorting this out for me. I am eternally grateful to the loveliest pf member I know! (No offence to anyone else!)

    And am so excited that soon this will be mine!!!:yahoo:
  8. Thanks so much for the pics. It would be lovely if you could do more, though. It looks like vert d'eau is quite a bit more blue than pistachio. What a shame. I was hoping it would be closer in color than that. Pistachio is one of my favorite shades.
  9. they look alike :sad: