Color repair on MJ Stella

  1. Have a white Stella, and on the back... there is a small spot where the white is rubbed off. I think I had a AA battery in the inside pocket, and the nub on the end of it must have rubbed through from the inside and worn a place on the back of the bag. That, or it brushed up against something... but it doesn't appear scratched, just looks almost like the white was buffed off in one place. Took it to a leather shop here and they wanted to dye the entire bag to fix it! Advice, anyone? Can't imagine the guy at the leather shop was right. But not sure how to fix. The gal at the purse dept. at Nordstrom suggested shoe polish. ???
  2. :hrmm: Gee, I'd be a bit wary of white shoe's usually REALLY stark WHITE, and might stand out badly on your bag. As far as re-dying the whole enchilada, what about the contrast stitching? Wouldn't it turn white too? I've got similar color-wearoff woes on a couple MJs that I use a lot, and the colors are unique enough that they don't match standardly available products...sure wish MJ sold leather touch-up cremes in matching colors (sap, butter, denim, etc.), like dealers do for auto paint.
  3. Exactly my concern... that the stitching would be affected if the entire bag is dyed. Anyone out there have a thought on that? I was SICK about the spot. I am so SO careful with my bags. I swear, they all look new. Sold one on eBay recently (a Sap Venetia) and the buyer was so elated... swore the bag looked brand new and couldn't believe I'd ever carried it. I don't even set them on the ground at restaurants, so you can imagine my dismay when I saw the spot (on a WHITE bag, no less)!

    Good idea... the leather touch up product. Especially since people tend to collect bags like this and have them for years.