Color Reference as requested!!! Picture of Mineral Hobo/Pond Shoulder Bag.

  1. Here is a picture of the Chelsea Mineral Hobo and the pond shoulder bag side by side as requested. The colors are different but similar. The bag styles are totally different. I think of the Legacy as a chic, retro bag. The Chelsea Mineral Hobo is just a classic bag. The vintage leather on the shoulder bag is smooth. The vintage leather used on the Chelsea mineral hobo has a distressed look about it - kind of like sponge/handpainting.
    IMG0001_21.jpg IMG0001_22.jpg IMG0001_23.jpg
  2. is the mineral more green and the pond more blue? that's how I always pictured the difference

    both are GORGEOUS! I'm very jealous of your pond shoulder. I ordered one for PCE but it was damaged and when I took it back they had all sold out.
  3. OOOH, nice Liz love that color!COLOR]
  4. wow! Gorgeous colors! I think you have a couple of really beautiful choices there, Liz! :tup:

  5. The mineral is definitely more like a distressed sea green and the pond is more blue. I am sorry you did not get a pond Shoulder bag. I am going to PM you now on where you can get one.

  6. Gorgeous!! :yes: I'm loving the Mineral color... I'm going to be broke after this Fall. I have Pond, but I'm thinking I want something in Mineral too!! :tup:
  7. Wow....those are GREAT photos! I love your Chelsea hobo!
  8. The mineral definitely has more dimension.
  9. ^^
  10. I'm loving that mineral bag! I can't wait to see in IRL! :drool:
  11. Ooooohhh, that's pretty, thanks for sharing! I'm so glad they came out with another color like the pond! That bag reminds me a little of the carly, with the hardware on the side.
  12. Oh that is beautiful!! Love it a lot...might have to return this satchel for it...hmmmm...

    It and the shoulder look like good friends though :smile: congrats!
  13. great to see the comparison. i have the pond so i think i'll opt out of the mineral (colors seem too similar to me).

    that doesn't mean i won't get the wristlet though ;)
  14. your pond bag looks different from mine.. maybe it's the lighting.. but I feel like yours might be brighter?

    I reattached your pic below next to mine..

    I love them both of course.. !
    legacyPond.jpg IMG0001_21.jpg
  15. My pond bag is the same as yours. It probably was the natural lighting in my back yard.