Color recommendation rose, yellow, or white?!

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  1. I want to add another Love bracelet to my plain gold one. What do you think looks best? Another yellow gold, a white gold or a rose gold?? Thanks!
  2. Sorry this posted twice☹️
  3. Im in the same situation as you and I think I am going for a yellow gold slim pave. If not pave, my next choice will be a slim white gold. I tried on a slim gold, but together with my regular gold, it just looked 'too much'.
  4. Attached some photo which I took in the boutique :flowers:

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  5. I like WG stacked with YG
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  6. Definitely WG. However, have you looked at Boucheron? They have bangles which are the same width as the Love/ thin Love and are incredible.
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  7. Those are different but nice.