Color recommendation for work bag?


Apr 30, 2014
Thinking of getting a work bag in a color but would basic black would be a better choice. Any thoughts on what color to get? Have a color that is cool and works with most outfits?I'll be using the work bag for business travel and for when I'm going to the office. I'm a professional 42 yr old- should I keep it simple with basic black? I already have a black day bag with GH21 silver and the color choices are so wonderful from Balenciaga that black seems boring. What color is your work bag? Photos would be appreciated.


Mar 27, 2010
I think Work bags look great in darker colors.
I have a 2005 Grey Work that I love.
Also have a 2005 Rouge Theatre Work. That's a dark berry red.
These are good for a work environment and the darker colors make the bag seem a bit smaller.

I also have a 2005 Bubblegum Pink Work. I wouldn't use that for a serious situation but it's just fun for summer casual.

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Jan 20, 2013
I'm with maxxout, I think darker colors look best on a work.
You can't go wrong with grey in my books!
Good luck deciding :smile:


Jan 11, 2014
Mine is a 07 Violet RH Day, I feel super comfortable with it. I also use my Marron RH (redyed it so it looks more Charbon now actually) and Vert Menthe RGGH, and while the colour is a dream, personally I feel giant hardware is a little too shouty in a work environment (and I work in advertising, which is really lax on dress code).

I would recommend darker or neutral shades, though not necessarily black. Anthra, greys, deeper blues and purples (like Bleu Roi, Bleu Mineral, Sapphire, Violet) are easy to match, and while they stand out, they aren't a huge distraction on you. And ofc, RH to me is classic AND classy, so I'd def go with that :smile: