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  1. What have I been here about a week?? So far I've purchased a 32 kelly in Rouge which is beautiful; and now an agenda in a brighter red, and now to the questions: Those of you with any of the orange bags, do you love it? Wear it all the time with most any colors? Do you grow tired of it? I've been big into orange lately...just wondering what thoughts are of those with that color - I have enough black in my bag collection...

    Also, do you find that since buying Hermes you purchase less 'other' bags? Thanks for input - this is quite a fun 'family' here!:love:
  2. Hi shoes!

    I don't have an orange bag but I think orange matches with many colors, except red.

    I realize now that after getting my Kelly and waiting for a Birkin, I buy less other bags. Also, because they're expensive, I have to set priorities with bags. At the moment, Hermes wins. I've also been trying to sell other bags because I intend to use my Kelly and whenever a Birkin comes my way ALL THE TIME!

    Regarding orange, I'm also into orange lately. I saw the normal orange and the potiron. In my opinion, I prefer the normal orange.
    My SA though is trying to tell me to think about the future. She said right now orange is really cool and I really like it. What about 10 years from now?
  3. I think that about orange too however....I like bright colors and I just don't want to totally grow up!! I actually just turned 42, have 3 teens, and although I don't like to be center of attention, I do love my purse to be totally unique and stand out..if that makes sense! I like to have fun and have a sense of humor and to me the bright colors kind of tell that about your personality - am I reading too much into these purses???!!! Anyway...I also am thinking of speaking with a SA about a blue ostrich birkin - yum - but will have to save many pennies for that one! Thanks for the input:suspiciou
  4. I think at 42 you're pretty much sure about colors. I say go for the orange. It looked really nice in ostrich. I also like the blue jean in ostrich.
  5. One of my fave Hermes colors is Potiron. I wear a lot of neutrals and choc. brown, so it would match my wardrobe. It's just a rich, gorgeous shade!
    Ostrich is beautiful in every color... :smile:
  6. Shoes, I am with you on the orange. I have always loved orange since I was little. The thing with orange is you have to get the right shade...BUT with Hermes their oranges are all beauties. I don't think you have to worry about the future and orange being "IN". I think you have to buy the color if you love it. I am older myself and that is one thing about being older you have a better sense of what makes you tick and what you love. I feel if you love it now you will love it 10 years from now as well.

    Think back to when you were 25...I remember some choices would not be the choices I would make now, but at 35 you know yourself much more and choices are more solid. If you love orange I say go for it. It is gorgeous in ostrich as well. Plus, if by chance you have to alter wardrobe color changes later to work better with an orange bag it will be minor.
  7. Very true - I do know what I like (but thankfully I don't wear red hats and purple LOL!) -- Ok now confession, this Hermes disease has taken it's toll and I'm awaiting a potiron birkin - from the same e-bay seller - should arrive by Weds -- I don't know what's gotten into me but I do know it has to stop LOL!! Holy smokes....I'm quite excited - thanks for the positive orange statements and somebody please smack me!:nuts:
    mustbegood mustbegood mustbegood..............
  8. It is a disease and you have it big time!!!
  9. Wow! I'll be in serious envy when you get that Potiron Birkin!! PLEASE post multiple pics!! :smile:
  10. Hi Shoe, I have a chevre Kelly in Potiron ( a more subdue shade of orange) & I love it very much :love: It goes well with lots of colors in my wardrobe, even jeans. I'm normally not a bright color bag person but the Potiron is beautiful & just right for me!

    Since I started wearing Hermes, I have not bought a single LV. But I have bought a few other bags like a Ltd Edition Celine Boogie (which I got on sale at 50% off) :smile:, a Fendi Spy and a couple of Balenciagas.

    Congrats on your Potiron Birkin purchase! :nuts:
  11. My Hermes addiction unfortunately hasn't stopped me from buying other bags aswell; I have just bought a LV Manhattan GM, which is still sitting in my closet unused, and a Muse which I am using all the time at the moment. But I have started to sell some bags on Ebay so that I can make space for new ones AND get some cash back..:biggrin:
  12. I am wondering if I will still want other bags.....I also have a Balenciaga unused in the pale rose which I was saving for spring/summer along with a LV Houston in a pretty salmon color - can't decide whether to return that one or hold...I also have several in a pile to sell at the moment - I just don't want to bored with the H bags! Too expensive to buy "several" a year as I've been doing with others....:shame: Glad to hear you are enjoying the potiron color - I can't wait until tomorrow when it should arrive!
  13. Here are my two bags...:love:

    bbags 3-22 003.jpg
  14. I love the bags shoes ... the orange!!! drool :smile:
  15. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Wait, one more: