Color questions - Grey nubuck BF and spice MAC

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  1. I'm looking for some good basic smaller bags. I'm am LOVING the BF right now but need to wait until I can find it at a good price. And even though I'm scared of buying of Bonanza or eBay, I have my eye on a couple MACs.

    Does anyone have the BF in grey nubuck or gave experience with RM bags in a lighter nubuck? I plan on carrying this bag around, not as an everyday bag since I need a big hobo for all my stuff, but definitely to dinner, concerts, whatever. Does that light color nubuck stand up, or should I play it safe with distress black BF?

    And does anyone have a spice RM? How does the shine hold up? It looks gorgeous, a fun alternative to plain brown that fits with my style, and I love me some metallics. I saw a couple reveal posts on spice bags, but no follow ups on how they age.

    I'm sorta intrigued by the peach black too, but it doesn't seem very versatile. One of the reasons I love metallics is because they make a great neutral, but the peach black seems a bit too crazy for that.
  2. I have the spice leather is both a MAC and a Beloved Mini. The leather is very soft yet textured and no metallic problems, although I rotate my bags frequently.
  3. Good to know it is holding up! I have several metallic bags from other designers and havent had serious issues with them, especially this type of subtle metallic shading, but I'd seen some comments on the forum. What do you think of the Spice as a stand-in for a classic brown bag? Do you think it will make a good fall bag or a little too light?

    Ugh, the more research I do on colors, the more colors I want! So much for narrowing the field.
  4. Yes, I have the grey nubuck BF! I haven't sprayed mine with anything yet but haven't had any issues so far. You'd want to be careful with stains and liquids like you would with suede, but no worries with scuffs or dirt. The color looks mottled sometimes depending on the light and the way the nap is brushed, so it wouldn't show dirt very easily and it's pretty scratch proof. But I would be worried wearing it anywhere with potentially splashing liquids.

    I would say that the nubuck, combined with the design, makes it seems like a very casual bag? If you're going to be using it as an evening bag then distressed black would feel more "dressy".
  5. Thanks mockinglee! It is definitely the dirt part that worries me. I don't really abuse my bags, but I do like to use them, so I worried the softer texture combined with the light color might attract dirt like a magnet. And while I like the gray croc and think it would be sturdier, I've never really been in to the exotic skin look.

    I'm still torn between gray and black. I feel like the gray color could transition better between seasons, but the black could fit with more occasions. It may come down to which one I can find a good deal on.