color question?

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  1. Hey All...

    I recently purchased a bv paille intereccio nuvolato second hand...the bag itself is in excellent condition...but the color of the leather is has an orange tinge to it. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else who purchased the bag...I've always wanted this style for the summer I'm just disappointed with the color. The mirror is a lovely yellow straw-ish color.

    So my question is return or have it cleaned and if the latter, then would BV clean a bag I didn't purchase through them?

    thanks in advance,

    : )
  2. Is that the one that was on e-Bay? Regardless, I'd return it. BV would clean it but it's not inexpensive and there's no guarantee because they'd have no way of knowing what happened to the bag to discolor it that way.

    I've had this beauty in medium, and I know another tPFer with a large - and I know there's more. Discoloration like this is not normal.

    The Nuvolato Paille shows up occasionally so I have faith you'd find it again.
  3. yup, it's the one from ebay ....I had a feeling you were going to say that..did you ever just want it to work out and get disappointed that it wont...

    ; (
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  5. I just read the listing description, she says it was worn 1x and the bag is physically in excellent it supposed to have an orange tinge to it?
  6. I'm so sorry for you that you don't love the bag you've so wanted!

    I had a Paille Nuvolato in large and I would not say it had an orange tinge. Mine was tan and light beige, so not the straw yellow you mention you were looking for, but it was definitely not even leaning orange.

    I have found that if I don't immediately love a bag, I don't end up using it and then it clutters my closet and makes me feel regret. I know the Paille Nuvolato is not common (I waited nearly a year for the one I had), but as India said, these bags show up every now and then, so if you return this one and are willing to be patient, you might find one that matches the picture you have in your head.
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    NO - not supposed to have an orange tinge at all - but it might have been conditioned with some type of leather treatment? Does the seller have a return policy?
  8. No return policy...not quite sure what to do..I did email her and am waiting for her response..
  9. thank you for your kind words...I'm disappointed. right now I'm waiting for the seller to respond to my email.
    we'll see where it goes.
  10. If there's no Return policy, then file with e-Bay, don't wait for the seller.
  11. I recall that listing. indiaink mentioned a conditioner possibly altering the color--that sounds plausible to me. It's why I never do anything to my BV bags. I have the large Veneta in this color and it hasn't changed over the years and it's been used a LOT, so something has happened to this particular bag to alter the color. I hope the seller is reasonable.
  12. Do you have pictures of the bag? I saw the listing. Is the color not as pictured? Her return policy listed 'No returns accepted'. Hope it works out for you.
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    I recall the listing also
    I thought the bag had been soaked or something
    it was much darker than it should have been
    but I agree with Boxermom they probably treated the leather and that made it darker
    sorry your not happy with it

    I would never buy a bag from someone that has a no return policy
    especailly on a used bag
  14. I think a lot of resellers have no return policies but basically they want you to be happy and will take returns despite their "official" policy. Good luck.
  15. If it is the same completed listing I just looked at, it states that the seller didn't specify a returns policy (unless I am missing something). I must be the oddball here--I like the color of the bag (from the pics)--not a great fan of lighter leathers though so the darker hue appeals to me.

    Hope things work out ok.