color question

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  1. Do any of you girls know what color this is?

    Thankk you!
    Bildschirmfoto 2012-09-15 um 19.18.43.png
  2. Camel? Or if there's a color called "saddle" I'd say saddle. However, I've never heard anyone on this forum refer to the color saddle, just an SA at Neimans, and who knows if she knew what she was talking about!
  3. I wonder if this is the same as this currently on the Celine website? it looks like blue edge trim too..

    Style: Luggage Phantom in Calfskin
    Color: Khaki
    Season: Fall 2012
  4. I believe it's one and the same. Just photographs are different due to lighting.
  5. Hi, I think this colour is actually called natural tan or sometimes luggage. Its the more expensive calfskin phantom I think, described as smooth leather rather than supple.
  6. This is correct. In the US, the natural tan (also comes in burgundy and a dark grey, I believe), are about $2950, and the leather is smooth and heavier than the supple calfskin, which is $2600. I love the look of Ms Diaz's natural tan smooth leather phantom, but that bag is actually very heavy...just something to consider.
  7. It is actually the "palmelato" leather - I just purchased this exact bag. It isn't any heavier than the luggage or phantoms in the softer leathers. I will be posting more details of the bag on the forum.
  8. Is it really palmelato leather? I have this bag too (in my avatar pic) and I was under the impression that it was different. I thought palmelato leather was more like the the boxcalf leather on the classic box/flap bags, rather than the natural vegetable tanned leather on this phantom.

    Does anyone have a side by side comparison between the natural tan/luggage and the mini in palmelato?
  9. You are right porpetine, it is like the box calf on the box bags - a little stiffer, but it is the tanned, leather, like a saddle leather and meant to be scratched, scuffed, weathered, etc.. it smells wonderful too! gorgeous color to the suede interior as well.
  10. Perhaps it is this bag from Spring 2012:
  11. That's it. I will post pictures of mine today...
  12. congrats - you should definitely do a reveal!
  13. yes yes please do a reveal!
  14. it is the colour PRALINE OR NATURAL , i owned the exact bag and to me it is not palmelato leather which is stiffer and more rigid
  15. agree with you , to me it is not palmelato

    it looks exactly like mine ,colour is PRALINE;)